QuadLabs showcases Travog 2.0 at ATM Dubai 2024

QuadLabs, with a team of over 25+ years of travel industry experience in developing corporate travel solutions, is proud to announce the next generation of Travog 2.0, and its latest Expense Management solution.

Travog 2.0 provides a new AI based personalization engine with dynamic offers and recommendations for travelers based upon their preferences, company policies and past booking history. It brings a bouquet of products together which can be booked and managed in the same tool. With extensive expense management capability, corporates can now manage budgets and approvals seamlessly on the platform.

Travog 2.0 is built on QuadLabs’ many years of experience in managing travel and expense policies for companies of all sizes globally. Designed to significantly streamline processes, improving compliance, and enhancing overall efficiency all delivered through a customizable platform with the flexibility to scale to accommodate the everchanging needs of businesses, the new Travog companion App is the latest addition to the QuadLabs suite of Travel management solutions.

Travog 2.0 addresses the twin challenges of both Expenses management and travel bookings created as per the Travel Policies of the company. It offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses. The companion App makes it easy for employees to capture receipts, submit expense reports on the go whilst tracking their reimbursementstatusfrom anywhere, at any time. All delivered with flexible real-time reporting and financial control tools. Not only does the App provide all the traditional features required of an Expense Management tool, including Automated Expense Tracking, Policy Enforcement, Approval Workflows, Analytics, and Insights and much more but, a key feature is the ability to ensure adherence to company expense
policies while creating a travel booking with customizable rules and alerts which can be updated at any time to meet changes in Travel Policy.

Travog Expense Management seamlessly integrates with popular accounting and ERP systems, allowing for real-time synchronization of data and effortless financial reporting via our analytics dashboard, all building to provide the Company with valuable insights into spending patterns, identify cost-saving opportunities based upon data-driven decision making.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Travog 2.0 – the next evolution in corporate travel & expense management solutions,” said Gaurav Chiripal, CEO of QuadLabs “Travog platform is getting smarter and more intelligent as we speak. It now simplifies the expense management process, reduce administrative burden, and empower businessesto optimize theirtravel spends” Travog Expense Management is now available as a B2B SaaS solution for businesses worldwide.

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