River Rhapsody become UP’s first adventure tour operator

River Rhapsody  that was recently cofounded by Tornos’ Prateek Hira as a river tour company has now been additionally approved by Ministry of Tourism as an adventure tour operator, becoming Uttar Pradesh’s first adventure tour company.

River Rhapsody operates small riverboats through its researched itineraries and organises river entertainment as a part of its portfolio and now river adventure will be an integral part of its portfolio targeted at the young and sporty tourists.

“We see that river adventure is the most neglected area and one of the reasons is the lack of safety and information. River Rhapsody has resolved to fill in this gap and offer Indian rivers as sporting arena in India. The basic idea of this company from its inception is to celebrate Indian rivers in all forms and adventure activities is surely one of these” says Prateek Hira

Long river expeditions are often restricted to military. Paramilitary and police persons in India but River Rhapsody intends to make such activities accessible to the general adventure loving people too. River Rhapsody is setting up its centers in the state of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar to tap the potential of the Ganges which passes through these three states primarily, before entering West Bengal.

This company is not only trying to bring safe river sports to the front but is also working in the area of skill development and training to have enough manpower to cater to India’s river adventure and navigation requirements which is expected to surge with government’s thrust on river tourism.

Rivers in India are a great attraction but seldom have we paid attention to this natural tourism product not have we inculcated enough pride among citizens of the cities, towns and villages through which rivers pass and are the lifeline. This is the main reason why rivers and river fronts are neglected and rivers become polluted. “River tourism in India is in its infancy stage but promises a huge potential not only for economic and social development but also ecological wellbeing” – Prateek Hira (Co-founder & Director River Rhapsody Pvt Ltd)


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