Sana-di-ge announces expansion plan to satisfy growing demand for authentic Coastal Cuisine

Sana-di-ge, a renowned name in the culinary world for its delectable coastal cuisine, is thrilled to unveil its ambitious expansion plan aimed at delighting food enthusiasts with an even greater gastronomic experience. The highly successful restaurant, known for its impeccable blend of flavours from the coastal regions of India, is set to open a restaurant in Mumbai, Gurgaon and Dubai, thus catering to a wider audience across different regions.

Talking about expansion, Akshay Shetty, Group General Manager, Hospitality, MRG Group, shared, “We are thrilled to announce our expansion plan, which is a testament to the love and appreciation we have received from our patrons. For quite some time, we have been receiving numerous queries and demands to open a new restaurant. However, we were determined not to rush into it solely for the sake of profits. Our core belief is centered around providing unparalleled experiences to our valued clients. Our mission is to deliver the joy of savoring exquisite cuisine and spreading happiness through our culinary offerings.

With this steadfast commitment in mind, we took the necessary time and effort to perfect our vision. Now, we are excited to announce that we are finally prepared to bring the ultimate coastal cuisine experience to our patrons, starting with the vibrant city of Mumbai, followed by Gurgaon and even extending to the cosmopolitan city of Dubai. With our continued dedication to quality, authenticity, and innovation, we are confident that our new locations and dining concepts will captivate the hearts and palates of even more food enthusiasts.

Alongside the expansion, Sanadige is introducing an upscale dining experience in select locations. This exclusive offering will cater to guests seeking a sophisticated ambiance while indulging in our signature dishes, prepared by our team of expert chefs using traditional techniques and the freshest ingredients.

Furthermore the restaurant is also diversifying its menu by adding Vegan, Jain and Kids menu option to cater to every segment. Also Sanadige is committed to responsible and sustainable practices. As part of the expansion plan, the company will implement eco-friendly initiatives, such as sourcing locally-produced ingredients, reducing waste, and exploring sustainable packaging options to minimize our environmental footprint.


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