Signature Tours by Creative Travel is now ‘Away&Co’

Since 1977, the Creative Travel family of brands has been at the forefront of service led experiential travel. Within that philosophy, Signature Tours by Creative Travel has announced an exciting transformation of their luxury outbound brand, to its new avatar, Away&Co.

Supported by a global network of the finest curators of travel experience in every destination, and as a part of one of India’s oldest tourism companies, Away&Co will deliver the world in the most unique ways. They intend to take travel beyond most people’s imagination.

Rohit Kohli, Jt. Managing Director says, “The Indian outbound market has matured exponentially over the years. Indians are more aware than ever before, and want to explore the world, but not as tourists. Our legacy of 45 years is built on creating amazing experiences, and that’s what we’re doing at Away&Co as well. The world is ready to welcome a new kind of Indian traveller, one who is immersed in the culture and the people, not just the monuments and sights”

Away&Co is for a highly cultivated traveller with an appetite for the unusual, who are looking for something enriching and authentic, who like to wander, discover new secrets, and find new stories across the world.


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