Singapore Tourism Board collaborates with Ananya Panday to throw a spotlight on Singapore

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has partnered with Bollywood actress Ananya Panday to showcase unique and surprising experiences that can only be ‘Made In Singapore’1. Audiences will soon be able to watch Ananya in a 4-episode vlog series that promises to unveil a new, exciting and fun side of Singapore that will entice them to travel to the city. The series will shed fresh light on the city where ordinary experiences are made extra-ordinary in very unexpected ways.

Talking about the partnership, Ananya Panday said, “I have a great love for travelling, especially when it involves exploring hidden gems, discovering a different side of the city, and indulging the foodie in me. My recent adventure in Singapore was truly remarkable, providing unique experiences that made it an unforgettable journey that was truly one for the books. Each day allowed me to rediscover the beauty of this versatile destination and also reconnect with myself in the process. And I can’t wait to visit again soon.”

Mr. GB Srithar, Regional Director, India, Middle East, South Asia & Africa, Singapore Tourism Board (STB), on collaborating with Ananya, said, “Singapore continues to be a top of mind destination, offering a rich tapestry of unique, exciting and memorable experiences to diverse travel segments, including the millennials. We are happy to collaborate with youth icon Ananya Panday as she explored Singapore’s refreshed and renewed experiences through an engaging travel vlog series. This series is an invitation to rediscover passions, reconnect with yourself, and create lasting memories. On any planned holidays, there are unscripted moments that make the holiday truly exhilarating. Singapore offers many moments to just immerse oneself and have fun. We hope Ananya’s vlog series inspires travellers to visit us soon and come experience extraordinary offerings that can only be ‘Made in Singapore’.”


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