Spalba partners with GCC Hotel & Club to boost sales efficiency

GCC Hotel & Club, a premier 5-acre property renowned for its exceptional hospitality and diverse venue options, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Spalba, a SaaS-based Event Tech startup. This collaboration is set to revolutionise how the GCC Hotel & Club sales team operates, significantly boosting efficiency and optimising the overall customer experience.

GCC Hotel & Club boasts 42 unique event venues, coupled with 267 distinct types of rooms, making it one of the most sought-after destinations for weddings and corporate events in Mumbai. Until recently, the GCC Hotel & Club sales team invested substantial time and effort in presenting the properties and planning events. Recognising the need for a more streamlined approach, GCC Hotel & Club has integrated Spalba’s advanced technology to enhance its sales operational workflow.
Spalba offers comprehensive solutions for venue showcasing and event visualization, enabling the GCC Hotel & Club sales team to manage venues and events more effectively from anywhere. By leveraging Spalba’s technology, the team can now perform virtual walkthroughs, access real-time data, and coordinate logistics seamlessly, reducing the time spent on physical site visits.
Moreover, Spalba reduces physical visits, simplifies planning, cuts paper usage, and lowers emissions, broadening GCC Hotel & Club’s venue options across borders, easing cross-selling.

Mr. Garfield Soares, Group Director Sales, GCC Hotel and Club, said: “Spalba’s technology has significantly transformed the sales operations at GCC Hotel and Club, particularly in the sector of event bookings. Previously, the difficult task of visualizing venues and finalizing details consumed excessive time and effort. However, with Spalba’s intuitive platform, guests can swiftly grasp the property’s offerings, facilitating prompt decision-making. This streamlined approach has optimized time management, resulting in no queues and an overall enhanced experience for guests and staff alike. Removing physical tours, Spalba’s VR Digital Twin showcases our hotel in detail, while the Event Mock-Up Builder helps event planners think ahead. Slashing sales cycles by 60%, Spalba drives revenue and cuts costs effectively.

“We are thrilled to see our team thrive with Spalba’s technology. This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to enhance efficiency and sustainability through innovative solutions. We are committed to increasing productivity, reducing our environmental footprint, and achieving greater success for our clients,” he added.

Mr. Vishal Puri, Co-founder, Spalba, shared, “GCC Hotels and Clubs have significantly improved their event sales process by integrating Spalba’s technology in their system. With our tools, guests enjoy a smoother experience, while staff members save valuable time. By taking a proactive approach, they’ve not only reduced inquiries but also made booking simpler and more efficient.”

Spalba, a leading provider of venue management technology, is revolutionizing how hotels in India market and sell their event spaces. By leveraging advanced tools like 3D walkthroughs and digital twins, Spalba enables India’s leading hotels to present their venues in vivid detail. This technology allows potential clients to explore event spaces virtually, accelerating the sales process and reducing the need for physical visits, thereby minimizing carbon footprints.

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