SriLankan Airlines enhances connectivity and network expansion to India

In a strategic initiative to strengthen its footprint in the Indian aviation market, SriLankan Airlines has officially relocated its Mumbai office to a more spacious setting, marking the commencement of ambitious expansion plans for 2024. To commemorate this, the airline hosted a lunch event for its trade partners in Mumbai.

This relocation signifies the airline’s dedication to augmenting its network operations in India and promoting increased tourism between the two nations. As a part of its growth strategy, SriLankan Airlines envisions a substantial expansion in its route network within India, facilitating connectivity and introducing services to enhance the overall travel experience. The decision to move to a larger office space in Mumbai underscores the airline’s confidence in the potential for air traffic between India and Sri Lanka. Presently, Sri Lankan Airlines operates 95 weekly flights from 9 Indian cities and aims to increase the frequency from these cities before incorporating a new location into its route network. As a member of the oneworld alliance, SriLankan also provides its passengers with connectivity to over 1,000 cities in 160 countries served by its oneworld partner airlines.

SriLankan Airlines has set its sights beyond fortifying connections between India and Sri Lanka. The airline is positioning itself as a pivotal hub for East-bound travel originating from India, responding to the escalating demand for flights to the Far East and Australia. This strategic move aligns with the airline’s vision of becoming the preferred choice for Indian travelers exploring destinations beyond Sri Lanka.

Dimuthu Tennakoon, Head of Worldwide Sales & Distribution at SriLankan Airlines, stated, “Our decision to relocate to a larger office space in Mumbai is a strategic move that underscores our commitment to the Indian market. We recognize the immense potential for growth and collaboration between India and Sri Lanka. By expanding our network operations and focusing on delivering top-notch services, we aim to contribute to the increased flow of tourists and business travelers between the two nations.”

Despite facing challenges, SriLankan Airlines remains optimistic about the future, with plans to surpass pre-COVID travel numbers in 2024. In 2018, around 450,000 Indians visited Sri Lanka, a figure that experienced a decline in 2023, reaching approximately 320,000. The airline’s dedication to providing enhanced services, improved connectivity, and larger aircraft is anticipated to attract a surge in Indian travelers, contributing to a rebound in tourism figures.

As the airline takes this bold step toward expansion, its objective extends beyond securing a position in the competitive Indian aviation sector. SriLankan Airlines aspires to cultivate deeper economic and cultural ties between the two nations.


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