SriLankan Airlines powers BikingMan Ultracycling World Championship

SriLankan Airlines powered the seventh season finale of the BikingMan Ultracycling World Championship, which recently culminated in an exhilarating race through Sri Lanka’s scenic landscapes and showcased the island’s allure for adventure sports and tourism. The world’s first ultracycling championship, BikingMan offers athletes the ultimate endurance challenge on legendary international courses with extraordinary topographical and climatic conditions.

The itinerary of BikingMan Ultracycling World Championship was meticulously crafted to showcase iconic Sri Lankan tourist hotspots, and captivate athletes and adventure enthusiasts. As the Official Airline Partner of the event, SriLankan Airlines supported the participants and organizers for a seamless journey and used the occasion to springboard content promoting Sri Lanka on social media as well as European sports channels and within the BikingMan network.

Over 50 international participants raced towards the finish line, conquering 200 kilometers each day over a span of five days, all while being completely self-reliant. It was the ultimate test of endurance and grit, fueled only by the breathtaking routes and spectacular scenery that define the Sri Lankan countryside.

“It has been an incredible life lesson: the hospitality of the Sri Lankans, the lush landscapes, the immersion experience, I am not ready to forget this exploration,” raved participant, Alain Broglia from France.

“For me, it’s the hardest BikingMan I’ve done. A lot of unknown elements (the food, the heat, the route), which made it difficult as well as an unforgettable gravel experience,” said Franck Vergely from France.

“It was amazing! And the sunrises and sunsets were absolutely magnificent,” added Ceri and James Bickenel from the UK.

As Sri Lanka continues to shine as a go-to destination in South Asia, SriLankan Airlines, the national carrier, remains committed to partnering with global events, highlighting the island as the gateway to an adventure-filled or rejuvenating holiday experience, or a bit of both. Through various initiatives, the airline has effectively showcased Sri Lanka’s vibrant blend of culture, heritage, history and natural beauty, establishing it as the quintessential destination for travelers of all kinds.


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