TAFI elections 2021: Ajay Prakash is the new President

The result of the much-awaited national election of the TAFI is out now and members have chosen a new team to power. Ajay Prakash from Nomad Travels has been elected as the new President of the Travel Agents Federation of India (TAFI). The election was conducted today ie July 24, 2021, through E-Voting.  

The elected Office Bearers are:

Ajay Prakash – President

Kamal Ramchand – Vice President

Abbas Moiz – National General Secretary

Hitank Shah – Treasurer

Anil Kalsi – Managing Committee

Lalith Jain – Managing Committee

Rani Bachani – Managing Committee

Rai Achal Krishna – Managing Committee

Seeraj Sabharwal – Managing Committee

 Ajay Prakash, President, TAFI tells, “The top priority is to increase our strength by arresting the decline in numbers and rebuilding our membership base – that’s where any association derives its strength. Insurance or protection of agents’ monies in the event of airline collapse is another.  A third is to ally with other associations in the travel and tourism industry, commission a study on the potential – and the current state – of the industry in order to approach the government with empirical data like other industries do. We are going to focus on creating a powerful lobby whose voice can be heard all the way to the PMO. We will help our members acquire MoT and MSME registration so that they can become eligible for certain benefits. We need to educate them on how to be compliant with the new IT laws that will soon impact us all. Of course, the legacy issues like the deterioration of the Airline-IATA-Agent and the matter of inordinate delay in refunds etc need to be tackled too. And we will seriously look at how to make travel & tourism a more responsible activity – one that nurtures the planet, not degrades it.”

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