Thailand-India air travel bubble effective from March 1, 2022

As per the statement issued by the Civil Aviation of Thailand and The Ministry of Civil Aviation in India, Thai and Indian airlines are now allowed to offer flights through the travel bubble scheme between the two countries, allowing citizens and visa holders to travel between Thailand and India. Commercial flights between the two countries have been suspended since March 23, 2020, after the arrival of Covid-19.

According to the arrangement, commercial flights between the two countries will be allowed to fly passengers of Thai, Indian, Nepal and Bhutan nationalities as well as other nationalities that have visas to enter both Thailand and India.

Foreigners and Thais travelling to India are required to hold a valid Indian visa and Indian nationals and foreigners travelling from India to Thailand must hold a valid Thai visa. According to the ministry, the airlines must make sure all the passengers meet the requirement for entry before issuing boarding passes to the passengers to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Indian tourists make up a large portion of Thailand’s tourism market, with more than 1.96 million Indian tourists visiting Thailand in 2019. The travel bubble scheme is hoped to help boost interest among Indians to travel to Thailand.


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