The haven of chocolate lovers, Lindt home of chocolate: The Spectacle!

The word “Swiss” has always been synonymous with the dreamy world of chocolates and treats, and what other better reason to travel to Switzerland than to visit the chocolate capital of the world, the Lindt Home of Chocolate!

The much-awaited Lindt Home of Chocolate opened its doors to chocolate lovers and those eager for knowledge on September 13, 2020, making the world, another chocolate-themed attraction richer.The museum is located just 10 minutes south of Zurich, in Kilchberg. Since its inception, the modern three-story attraction, has become a tourist magnet sitting next to the historic Lindt &Sprüngli factory building in Kilchberg.

The Lindt Home of Chocolate is the home of the renowned Master Chocolatiers, inviting guests from around the world to immerse themselves into the whimsical world of chocolate. In addition to the research plant with an open-view production line, the Lindt Home of Chocolate also features a 1500 square meter exhibition that takes visitors on a journey into the world of chocolate.

There area series of interactive displays and life-like illustrious models to showcase the chocolatier’s journey. Guests geta first-hand experience of chocolate history starting from the cultivation of the cocoa pod to its metamorphosis into exquisite, fine chocolate.After absorbing all these stimulating facts about chocolate, visitors complete the tour in the tasting room, where numerous masterpieces await to be sampled and devoured.The exhibition also provides a glimpse into some of the secrets of chocolate production. The facility combines maximum flexibility and functionality with highest quality implementation and is available to chocolate producers and research institutes as well as universities.

The Lindt Home of Chocolate also houses the world’s largest Lindt Chocolate Shop, Switzerland’s very first Lindt Café, as well as the Chocolateria for courses in chocolate making, all of which are operated by the subsidiary Lindt &Sprüngli Schweiz AG.



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