The illustrious Karma Group acquires its first Scottish resort

Scotland’s only natural lake is the chosen destination of the illustrious Karma Group’s Scottish debut – the waterfront Karma Lake of Menteith is the 44th luxury hotel in the company’s expanding portfolio and its first offering in Scotland.

Says Chairman and Founder, John Spence of the latest acquisition; “I am delighted to announce that we have just acquired our first resort in Scotland, Karma Lake of Menteith. Over the last few years, we have looked at several properties ‘north of the border’ and I believe we have found a perfect location.”

Sitting in the quaint hamlet of the Port of Menteith, this a place chosen for good reason, not only in its convenience but as a location shrouded in both history and natural wonder. Easily accessible, the Port of Menteith is strategically located an hour’s drive from the international airports of Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as within arm’s reach of the historic city of Sterling, and Loch Lomond and the surrounding Scottish Highlands.

But there’s plenty of reason to explore the Port of Menteith itself, which sits on the cusp of Scotland’s only natural lake. Karma Lake of Menteith sits on the banks, boasting unrivalled views of its surrounding hills and resident flora and fauna. This destination will hold particular appeal for avid fishermen, with the destination world-famous for its trout populations, as well as historians, thanks to the lake being home to an island that Mary Queen of Scots took refuge on.

As for the hotel itself, Karma Lake of Menteith was once the manse for the church but has since been remodelled as a hotel in the style of a New England Waterfront Inn. While currently in operation, refurbishments are expected shortly. “The property itself comprises 20 rooms and a renowned pub and restaurant (as well as a malt vault!),” continues John Spence. “It is currently actively trading but we will invest time and money in upgrading it over the coming months and ensure it is a true Karma resort by the spring (when the haggis hunting season commences!).”

The purchase of Karma Lake of Menteith is also further proof that the luxury resort group only continues to thrive despite a global pandemic. “This is [our] ninth purchase since Covid came our way and I would like to thank the hard work and diligence of everyone who got the deal over the line just before Christmas,” says John Spence. “Please join me in wishing well to all the talented people who will now be working on this project and I will see you for a wee dram and some smoked trout by the lake soon.”


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