The Principality of Monaco highlights its Tourism Opportunities at World Expo 2020

 The presence of Monaco as an exhibiting country at the World Expo 2020 has proven a great opportunity to promote jointly the key strengths of the Principality in the areas of luxury tourism, hospitality, entertainment, gaming, real estate, shopping and business tourism.

In line with the theme of Expo 2020 – ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, the architecture of Monaco Pavilion surprises and fascinates. It is inspired by a kaleidoscope that incorporates the “Rock” of Monaco and reflects the many facets of the Principality: its characteristics, its professions, its actions, its multiple perspectives, its diversity and the incredible amount of activities or opportunities offered by the country. The Pavilion is in the shape of a polygon, covered in photovoltaic panels to reflect the actions taken by the Principality on the energy transition and environmental protection.

Located in the Expo 2020’s Opportunity Thematic District, the Monaco Pavilion is spread over different levels that are full of surprises. It is an invitation to discover, observe and interact with an environment of cultural resources, research and know-how.

Right before entering the pavilion, the visitors will be immersed in the ‘History of Monaco’. Moving further, the visitors will enjoy two main exhibition worlds. The first, named “the Garden of Opportunities”, showcase projects and high-quality pioneering work, made in Monaco and internationally. It will look like a kaleidoscopic fantasy garden that comes out of one’s imagination. All facilities of the Pavilion are interactive, with diverse interfaces that offer multiple forms of engagement to interested and curious visitors. The visit of the “Garden of Opportunities” will end with a unique experience in the Kaleidoscope, where visitors will discover the identity of “Monaco 360°, a world of opportunities”, through the arts and culture, science and sport, tourism and hospitality, history and exploration, extensions of its territory, gastronomy and tradition.

The Principality also took part in the Expo to leverage their presence and to provide the visitors with a memorable experience!

World Expo 2020 is a global event linking innovation, technology, art and culture to offer a great experience, currently being hosted at Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Dubai).


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