The RARE Showcase 2023 to be held in Delhi

RARE India will host the sixth edition of its annual signature event ‘The RARE Showcase’ at The Imperial New Delhi on 9th and 10th June 2023. Building bridges towards travel innovation since 2003, RARE India partners with some of the finest conscious and experiential owner-run hotels, retreats, lodges and camps spread across the Indian subcontinent, many of them off the usual tourist circuits. 35 such individual and stand-alone hotel brands from India, Nepal and Bhutan you will meet at The RARE Showcase 2023 to share authentic destination and people stories. Travel designers and tour operators from over 100 inbound and domestic travel companies from across India are expected to attend the event.

 Regarding the line-up of hotels for the upcoming event, RARE India’s Founder Shoba Mohan saidWe renew our focus towards small owner-led brands vetted for authenticity and experience, from unknown wilderness to forgotten heritage conserved as combined efforts of pioneers who turned to travel and hospitality to celebrate the destination. We forged a map of the subcontinent, away from the known cliches to craft itineraries worthy of explorers. Constant inputs and iterations that we have received from our travel agent fraternity, industry peers, media as well as travelers have helped us create itineraries where none existed. Our Showcase dedicates itself to help inspire new product lines and reimagine novel routes. The RARE Showcase 2023 is set to inspire the fraternity to leave their comfort zones behind, to learn and explore further.”

According to Rasmi Poduval, Founder, Cranganor History Café & Riverside Château, who will be participating in the RARE Showcase 2023, “Cranganor is a tiny resort tucked away in a sleepy village on the banks of the river Periyar in verdant Kerala. We intend to showcase a day in the life of a visitor to our little village. Our sleepy hamlet is a smorgasbord of ancient history, vibrant temple and church festivals, heady boat races, fishing life, thrumming market places and rich cuisine. I look forward to meeting a good mix of folk from the trade, press and social media across generations. This would be an interesting insight into the interests of people across countries, gender, industries and generations.

Gitanjali Pal Singh, owner of the Ramathra Fort in Karauli district of Rajasthan, mentioned some of the special features of the Fort that they will highlight during the RARE Showcase 2023. She said, “Ramathra Fort’s experience revolves around its location close to a perennial lake, small hamlets around and the wilderness around. A perfect fit for a longer Rajasthan program through the countryside or even as an extension of the quintessential ‘Golden Triangle’, set under the ramparts of 17th century, Ramathra Fort is an exclusive experience for three nights or more for travellers wanting to experience rural life, night safaris or just as a stay-in retreat.”


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