TravClan and Resorts World Cruises bring exclusive Cruise Tourism to Indian shore

TravClan, a leading global B2B Travel Tech Platform, has broken new ground with its announcement to partner with Resorts World Cruises. Known for its rich Asian heritage and unparalleled dedication to crafting bespoke international voyages, Resorts World Cruises is set to redefine luxury travel experiences. With this groundbreaking collaboration, TravClan is on a mission to make dreamy cruise getaways a reality for Indian families and adventure-seekers, all at prices that won’t break the bank.

TravClan and Resorts World Cruises’ partnership aims to democratize cruise tourism for Indian travellers, traditionally hindered by high costs and limited options for budget-conscious individuals. By providing a diverse array of cruise choices tailored to various traveller preferences, Resorts World Cruises is redefining the cruise experience as more accessible and inclusive. Beyond being a mere cruise brand, it specializes in crafting customized cruise lifestyle products, seamlessly blending luxury, adventure, and the exploration of global destinations.

Speaking about this, Chirag Agarwal, co-founder of TravClan, said, “Cruise tourism has long captivated Indian travelers, yet high costs have deterred many, particularly families, from indulging in this sought-after vacation option. According to industry data, only a fraction of Indian travellers opt for cruises, indicating a significant untapped market. Our groundbreaking alliance with Resorts World Cruises is poised to revolutionize this landscape, making the thrilling and unforgettable cruise experience accessible to all Indian holidaymakers. This collaboration is set to not only broaden their horizons but also significantly impact the cruise industry, tapping into the immense potential of the Indian market.”

Adding further, Naresh Rawal, Vice President of Sales for Resorts World Cruises, said, “With millions of outbound international travellers, India has an incredible market potential for the growth of cruise tourism especially among the millennials who are increasingly looking for novel and luxurious travel experiences. By partnering with TravClan, we hope to reach out to those millions of tourists and familiarize them with the diversity of our offerings. It is a win-win situation for all stakeholders, and we believe that this collaboration contributes to further growth of this sector in India.”

This partnership blends the essence of Resorts World Cruises’ opulent Asian legacy and its dedication to tailored luxury with TravClan’s worldwide proficiency and dedication to empowering travel agents. Beyond the conventional sale of cruise packages, this partnership is geared towards crafting unforgettable moments, discovering uncharted territories, and embracing the allure of marine luxury and exploration.


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