Travel agent dies by suicide due to financial stress in Vadodara

Bharti Sharma

A 51-year-old tour and travel agent from Vadodara, Sunil Nair, Tanima Holidays allegedly died by suicide due to a financial crisis. He had been facing a severe financial distress since the Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020

As reported by the Indian Express and the statement by PD Parmar, inspector, Sama police station, “The deceased allegedly hanged himself in the bedroom of his residence while his wife and children were asleep. He had been facing debts and had not been able to recover from the losses in his business. The primary cause seems to be a financial crisis,” said PD Parmar, inspector, Sama police station.

Sunil Nair is one of the million travel professionals who have been hit hard by the pandemic. The travel and hospitality industry is working on everything to stanch the bleeding. Unemployment has soared record high as travel companies across the spectrum have furloughed employees.

With no visibility of cash inflows, the Indian tourism industry is now looking at large scale bankruptcies, business closures which has lead to more job losses across cities, towns and hinterlands of India. This has set the negative course for the Indian tourism, travel and hospitality industry, taking it years behind. This invisible sector has a domino effect on the economy, as not only travel agents but the further chain of guides, transporters, tea sellers, restaurants at the tourist destinations face the brunt due to the ripple effect.


  1. Why tourism is having low dignity here and tour professionals tooo… India is known for its culture and variety so we must promote it through tourism…pandemic can be a hurdle but govt must seek.measures to overcome it otherwise many sunilnair will leave in stress .talents

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