Tree of Life Resorts & Hotels: Escape in the countryside

With a collection of luxury getaway experiences providing an escape from the daily hustle-bustle of life, Tree of Life Resorts & Hotels (ToL) is an ultimate destination to rejuvenate your senses. Akhil Anand, Director, Tree of Life Resorts & Hotels talks about the concept behind the chain and some exciting expansion plans.

Bharti Sharma

For any experienced traveller, a stay at Tree of Life is another chapter in a lifetime of travel and exploration but ToL intends to make it a memorable one. Whether you’re looking for a scenic getaway in the hills or a soothing escape deep in the trenches of greenery, their properties are set in a wide variety of locations offering an array of exciting experiences.

Akhil Anand

The brainchild of industry veteran Himmat Anand, Tree of Life pioneered a whole new segment in the hotel industry with 13 critically acclaimed properties, all of which are an aesthetic treat to the eyes. In 2009, Himmat was joined by his son Akhil Anand who quickly realised the need for a branded chain of such boutique experiences in India. 

Euphoric state of mind

Every property of ToL is away from the noise and crowd of cities and yet conveniently close. Guests can curate a lifetime of memories through personal experience as TOL enables journeys of adventure and indulgence. “All of our properties are boutique in nature between 6 and 20 keys. They are all situated away from the crowded city centres and close to nature. They would all offer you a sense of privacy and space. We are currently present in 13 destinations in India and growing,” shares Akhil. 

Reflecting the essence of the locale

Each ToL property is created in a manner that ensures travellers engage with the place, people and stories that make their experience like none other. Emphasising the relevance of connecting with the communities and indulging in the experiences, Akhil tells, “It is becoming increasingly important for a hotel and its guest experience to reflect the essence of the location it is situated in. This starts with the basics of welcome drinks and food and then goes on further to offering certain rural experiences allowing your guest to get under the skin of the region they are visiting you in. Travellers are now bored of the cookie-cutter approach. They are looking for something unique and a differentiated experience which adds long-term value. This is the client profile that we cater to.” 

Pragmatic approach to deal with the pandemic

About 12 years ago, ToL had started off primarily as an inbound focused brand. A few years in they realised that the domestic market is too important to ignore, making them go for a few changes that would align them with the requirements of the domestic market and also tweaking their communication to suit this segment well. Sharing further, Akhil asserts, “We quickly moved from an 80:20 Inbound: Domestic ratio to 50:50 ratio without compromising on our ADRs. After the pandemic, as has been the case for everyone, inbound has been near zero and we once again took the time of the lockdown to redefine our product and communication very quickly. ToL reopened most of our properties shortly after the nationwide lockdown opened and have beaten last year’s figures month-on-month in terms of ADR as well as occupancy. We seem to be at the right place and at the right time. Across the group, our average occupancy since April 21 has been roughly 58 per cent with an ADR of about 7400 rooms only. Our flagship in Jaipur is the front-runner in this mix with an ADR of over 21000 and occupancy of about 72 per cent.”

On the path to recovery

The pandemic has forced the hospitality industry to inculcate certain safety measures to instil confidence among the travellers. ToL, in this respect, has chosen utmost care while ensuring the highest possible safety and hygiene standards across the group. “More importantly, I feel how a brand communicates during these times is of utmost importance. It must generate the confidence in a guest to book with you. Discounting or slashing prices at a time like this may not be the answer. As a group, we have recently opened new experiences in Dared in Gujarat and Udaipurwati and our second property in Jaipur in Rajasthan. The second property in Jaipur would complement our flagship resort well as it comes at a more affordable price point. This is a 10 room old Haveli in Amer on the outskirts of Jaipur city,” concludes Akhil.



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