TTC Tour Brands unveils comprehensive industry insights in new Annual Study

TTC Tour Brands, unveils its findings from its first iteration of the annual ‘Big Tour Study,’ a comprehensive global survey of TTC Tour travellers in Asia revealing the latest tour trends for advisors booking open-aged brands Trafalgar, Luxury Gold, Insight Vacations and Costsaver. The results reveal key motivators on going guided, overarching travel sentiment and the implications on the tour industry at large.

“We strive to create the most knowledgeable and resourceful advisor community in the industry and continue to identify ways to better support our partners in their business, said Mae Cheah, Managing Director of TTC Tour Brands in Asia. “This comprehensive annual study will continuously demonstrate what the thousands of TTC tour travellers seek in their travel experiences and serve as an asset for advisors, arming them with the insights they need to make the sale.”

“Beyond knowing the in’s-and-outs of each brand and itinerary, understanding traveller sentiments and purchase consideration is crucial information that our advisors need in their pockets to personally pair each traveller with the right travel experience for them – from premium to value, luxury or special interest,” said Mae.

From uncovering hidden gems to connecting with like-minded individuals over rich cultural experiences, here’s the top 5 key insights TTC Tour’s Big Tour Study uncovered:

The Big Icons Remain Big

91 per cent of TTC Tour travellers cite sightseeing and bucket list experiences as their priority. But ranking equally as important at 62 per cent is the desire to experience those off-the-beaten path moments that guests may only find through an expertly guided tour, like enjoying authentic lunch and cider tasting with the Castanon Family at their Cider Mill near Oviedo, Spain on Trafalgar’s Be My Guest experience or explore a destination from the perspective of a local on the Country Roads itineraries from Insight Vacations. Off the beaten path experiences are becoming more important to tour travellers and it’s the reason TTC Tour Brands continues to forge new and strengthen existing relationships with local hosts.

Europe is still the most continent of travel at 81 per cent with Spain (25 per cent), Croatia (25 per cent) and Italy (24 per cent) being the top three destinations in the region. Tours of these destinations and experiences are considered a good addition or alternative to competitor travel type such as a road trip or river cruise.

Guided Tours Create Assurance in Destination and Logistical Expertise 

Tour travellers choose guided tours for the assurance of local expertise with 82 per cent choosing TTC for a hassle free and expert experience. 62 per cent of TTC travellers are looking to explore places they normally would not explore on their own that are off the beaten track.

Tours Deliver New Experiences and Tour Travellers are Looking to Spend More

The research demonstrates that ticking off a new country or region (67 per cent) and immersing themselves in new cultures and experiences (61 per cent) are driving factors for booking a tour. Presenting tour prospects with options that allow them to experience a ‘new’ opportunity should be the first port of call. 53 per cent of tourers are willing to spend more for Premium Tours with many inclusions including stays in 4 and 5 star accommodations.

99 per cent of tourers are prioritizing international travel and 86 per cent of tourers are looking to travel within the next 12 months. Only 6 per cent feel unable to afford a holiday due to the cost of living.

Tour Travellers Seek Connection with Like-Minded Travellers 

Travelling with a tour provides guests the opportunity to connect with like-minded travellers and meet new people. Only 36 per cent of tour intenders worry about group size. This is a key sales point when advising clients on the benefits of going guided or travelling solo with options of tour size and the ability to form friendships with likeminded travellers.

Different Priorities and the Need for More Choice 

While all tourers (91 per cent) considered sightseeing/bucket list travel for their next trip, different age groups have different priorities. For example, the desire for island hopping tours in those in the under 35’s (46 per cent) and 35-54 (21 per cent) was higher than in the over 55+’s (12 per cent). This trend of different tours considered within the age groups was also seen in skiing and hiking tours. This emphasizes the need for more choice for travellers with under 35’s considering an average of 4.6 tour types versus all tourers considering 3.0.




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