Turkey to further ease restrictions on travellers from 1st July

Turkey is all set to further ease the restrictions imposed on travellers from 1st July. The new unlock rules include the removal of the night curfew restrictions including weekends for locals and tourists. All dining options, restaurants and bars will be functional. Entertainment houses like cinema halls and concert venues can function without any restrictions subject to adherence to COVID-19 appropriated guidelines. The 14-day quarantine rule for anyone who has travelled to India within the last 14 days is still in place but travellers will now have the option of staying at the quarantine hotel of their choice and at their own expense.

Turkey is also undertaking one of the biggest vaccination drives where 42% of the country’s population has received the first dose as 30th June 2021 and is working dedicatedly to fully vaccinate 70% of the total population by August. The new guidelines have been announced keeping in consideration the decreasing number of COVID-19 cases in the country however hygiene, mask and social distancing rules will be followed throughout.


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