VFS Global cements preferred employer status with high Glassdoor scores

VFS Global, the world’s largest outsourcing and technology services specialist for governments and diplomatic missions, proudly announces its remarkable achievement of securing a rating of 4.01 on a scale of 5 for 2023 on Glassdoor, a leading platform for employee feedback and company reviews.

This significant achievement reflects VFS Global’s unwavering commitment to excellence in every aspect of its people management and human capital development. With an employee value proposition of developing a ‘fellowship of winners’, VFS Global is deeply committed to best-in-class HR practices and to developing every team member to her/his full potential.  The company has continuously invested in training and development and in building an organisation where people come first, and in creating meaningful work opportunities and building successful careers, in a diverse and inclusive workplace.

The six parameters on which Glassdoor assesses companies is based on Excelling in Culture & Values, Work/Life Balance, Senior Management, Compensation & Benefits, Career Opportunities, and Diversity & Inclusion. VFS Global has elevated its standing on all of them.

VFS Global has set a benchmark in creating an exemplary work culture that resonates with employee satisfaction and empowerment. This recognition not only celebrates the company’s achievements but also solidifies its reputation as an employer of choice in the global marketplace.

This rating is even more satisfying as this reaffirms the company’s employee centric policies and its sharp focus on nurturing the potential of its employees as it has always focussed on Learning and Development programmes which is highly appreciated by its workforce. Over the years, the company has also won recognition by winning the Golden Peacock National Training Award four times since 2017 in recognition for its exemplary learning and development practices. The last it won was in 2023.

According to Nirbhik Goel, Chief Human Resources Officer, VFS Global, “I am thrilled to acknowledge the high Glassdoor rating VFS Global has received, a reflection of our commitment to an inclusive and empowering workplace culture. Central to our success is our vibrant workforce, comprising over 131 nationalities, which not only enriches our work environment but is also a cornerstone of our global success. This rating is particularly meaningful as it stems directly from our employees, offering a genuine and voluntary endorsement of our practices.’’

With a headcount of 10,976 employees at the end of 2023, VFS Global’s impressive Glassdoor rating in 2023 reflects its commitment to its people. This achievement highlights the company’s journey towards excellence, combining diverse talents with unified goals. As VFS Global continues to innovate, its focus on nurturing a dynamic and inclusive work environment remains key to its success. It reinforces VFS Global’s position as a leader in the industry and a preferred employer globally.


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