Visit Utah concludes successful three-city sales mission in India

The Utah Office of Tourism successfully concluded a triumphant three-city sales mission in India, attracting attention from over 250 travel trade partners and media in Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai. The event helped in promoting Utah as a potential tourism destination for Indian travellers seeking diverse and captivating experiences in the USA.

The mission, which focused on re-establishing connections with the Indian travel market, provided insights into Utah’s expansive natural landscapes and national parks, catering to hikers and road trippers. Utah’s allure extends beyond outdoor enthusiasts, offering premier skiing resorts for ski enthusiasts and access to dark sky parks for stargazers.

While addressing the travel trade partners and media during the events, Zach Fyne, Global Markets Specialist at Utah Office of Tourism highlighted that India is a primary emerging market with substantial growth potential. He said, “India stands out as one of the most stable tourism markets, showcasing remarkable resilience amidst global fluctuations. Utah’s positioning among the top 10 destinations for Indian visitors reflects the tremendous potential and appeal our state holds. From the breath-taking beauty of our Mighty 5® national parks, 46 state parks, to the unparalleled skiing experiences at our world-class resorts, stargazing in internationally recognized dark sky areas, and indulging in premier glamping options, Utah promises a diverse range of experiences for travellers of all ages. Together with AVIAREPS, we intend to elevate and enrich the travel experiences of Indian visitors, encouraging extended stays and increased spending in the state.”

In 2022, Indian visitors boosted Utah’s economy by USD 8.7 million, spending an average of USD 2,391.95 per visitor. The state saw a 5% growth in Indian visits compared to 2019, reaching around 8,700 visits. Looking ahead, Utah expects a substantial 42.6% increase in Indian visitation and a remarkable 203.9% surge in projected visitor spending from 2019 to 2027.

Utah presents a myriad of options to the Indian market, catering to diverse preferences from luxury to budget travel, and adventure to wildlife experiences. Whether embarking on adventures in the iconic Mighty 5® national parks—Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Zion—or indulging in luxurious glamping experiences, Utah offers unparalleled opportunities for Indian families and travellers, creating a treasure trove of lasting memories.

What’s New in Utah

100 Years of Film and Television

2024 marks a century since the first movies were filmed in Utah. The state will celebrate this milestone with a year-long series of exhibits, events, and film screenings, paying tribute to its rich cinematic history.


Utah’s Salt Lake City International Airport underwent a ground-breaking USD $5.1 billion rebuild, making it the first new U.S. hub airport in the 21st century. Boasting 76 new gates, with an additional 16 to be opened in 2024, the airport now offers 320 daily departures to over 90 nonstop destinations.

Winter Olympics 2034

Salt Lake City has been selected as the preferred host for the 2034 Winter Olympics. This follows its successful hosting of the 19th Olympic Winter Games in 2002, considered one of the most successful in Olympic history.

Rocky Mountaineer

This is the new train that starts in Denver, passes through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, makes a stop in the hot spring town of Glenwood Springs, and finishes the next day in Moab called Rockies to the Red Rocks route.

Salt Lake Temple Renovation

As the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City is witnessing a six-year renovation project on the iconic Salt Lake Temple, which began in 2020. Non-members of the LDS faith will have a unique opportunity to tour the temple briefly in 2026 before its re-dedication.

Black Desert Resort

A USD $2 billion golfing, retail, and hospitality mecca is under construction in Ivins, featuring the Black Desert Championship Host for the PGA Tour in Fall 2024 and hosting LPGA Tour competition in 2025.

Major Terrain Expansion-Deer Valley Resort

Deer Valley Resort is set to more than double its skiable acres starting Winter 25/26, becoming one of the largest ski resorts in North America. The expansion includes a new village, enhanced resort access, and increased offerings in lodging, dining, and retail.

Under Canvas Lake Powell-Grand Staircase

Named a DarkSky-certified resort in August 2023, Under Canvas Lake Powell-Grand Staircase became the world’s first-ever resort with this distinction. Utah, with the highest concentration of dark sky parks globally, continues to draw attention for stargazing enthusiasts.

These developments solidify Utah’s position as a premier destination, offering diverse experiences for travelers and residents alike.


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