Fushifaru Maldives: Palm-painted idyll that dazzles with its luxe

It’s hard to resist the charms of Fushifaru Maldives, with its rustic-chic yet cosmo style and eco-friendly ethos, its serene atmosphere and impeccable service. The island is lush with tropical vegetation, fringed with coral sands and lapped by a jade-blue lagoon. Priyanka Naresh Teli, Business Development- India, Fushifaru Maldives shares details about this gem.

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The coral atolls of the Maldives are scattered like stepping stones across the Indian Ocean. If you’re looking for a total sea-girt escape, Fushifaru Maldives is pretty much your proverbial paradise isle. The property will win you over with an intimate island atmosphere.


The next successful name in India

Fushifaru Maldives creates highly customised experiences for the Indian clientele such as designing menus that suit the Indian palate, uplifting private experiences, evening entertainment, etc. At the same time, they’re constantly emphasising upon uplifting the brand’s personality and character. Unveiling some authentic experiences, Priyanka shares, “It becomes highly crucial amidst all the changes to meet the guest and market expectation, to be consistent and maintain the core values of the brand. We understand the guests from India most commonly desire varied options of food, vegetarian or Jain meals, private dining experiences, photography services but along with this the property also extends a taste of the rich Maldivian heritage by introducing the guests to Maldivian games, sharing the rich history, introducing the guests to Maldivian food, showcasing the exotic and energetic folk dance and so much more. This makes Fushifaru Maldives the next successful name in India.”

Customised experiences that suit the Indian clientele

Fushifaru Maldives has swiftly managed to grab the attention of the target segment in India, and while India remains in the top three nationalities for the Maldives destination, they’re focused on having consistent and ongoing engagement activities and promotions in the market.  Sharing details, Priyanka tells, “The brand has also been found appealing to the NRI clientele living across Dubai and South East Asia. This includes offers which have gained great popularity- ‘Maharaja Offer 2022’, celebrity stays that have showcased the island to the Indian audience brilliantly and customised experiences that suit the Indian clientele. With so many options and opportunities for travellers every single day, it has become important to remain known and appealing.”

Tailor-made personal and engaging experiences

Imagine rustic, palm-thatched wooden villas floating against a backdrop of limpid sea, silky white-sand beaches and lush vegetation.  She adds, “The brand ‘Fushifaru’ has a great approach to exclusive hospitality. With 63 villas, this multi-award-winning boutique property focuses on more personal and engaging experiences. We understand what the Indian household and audience require while selecting the right property for a much-awaited holiday. We also understand most travellers are planning holidays after two years of COVID-19, have friends or family that have previously been to the destination, and have specific elements that drive decision-making such as pool villas or a variety of vegetarian food options. That’s exactly what the property extends, understanding the Indian travellers and trade requirements.”

Exciting inclusions and offers

At Fushifaru Maldives, we have a humble, hospitable and experienced management in place which sustain the brand character of this multi award-winning property and also have a personalised approach towards guest expectations. You will experience a rich heritage perfectly blended with luxury hospitality. Priyanka asserts, “What stands out for us is our traditional Maldivian cultured hospitality with exclusive limited villas- making each guest feel pampered and looked after. Along with that, there are exciting inclusions and benefits tailor-made for the Indian clientele.”

Emotional intelligence is the key

Priyanka feels that with more destinations opening doors and easing travel policies, the demand will scatter worldwide this year. It will be a demanding and competitive time for the destination.  She adds, “During the initial COVID-19 era, Maldives had the biggest advantage of being the only leisure destination to welcome guests with very limited restrictions. However, there is certain uniqueness, sense of luxury and geographic advantage to the Maldives destination in the travel business. Knowing there is always an underlying Maldives holiday dream for many travellers worldwide, the strategy for most properties must include emotional intelligence.”

Ahead in the competitive market 

In the current scenario, word of mouth and social media are the biggest factors that drive the product and influence decision-making. “Being market smart and having packages or promotions are almost achieved by most properties in most destinations- the question remains, how does your property stand out? This year, marketing includes a lot more diving deep to connect with your audience, engage and create a loyal brand community. Remember anything and everything floats in the digital universe, therefore your experiences and activities must be relatable with your target market. Which in return, generates loyal brand audience and curiosity,” concludes Priyanka.



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