‘Christmas on Cruise’ and The Empress Create ever-lasting memories Aboard The Empress

‘Tis the season to be jolly and ring in the celebrations for our favourite time of the year! It’s starting to get all red, green and white around us with Xmas cheer in the air. And what better way to enjoy the festivities than by celebrating it with your friends and family on a luxurious cruise. Welcome aboard ‘Christmas on Cruise’- onboard The Empress’!


The Empress offers entertainment and activities for everyone alike. Some fun group activities that can be enjoyed are –

  • Ginger Bread-House making
  • Stocking Making
  • Mascarade Party
  • Carol Night

Along with other entertainment options onboard which includes- BalleBalle show, India through movies, Magic show – Magicians cut, Burlesque – Burlesque The Bollywood Way, Romance in Bollywood, Live music etc.

Recreating the Festive Cheer of Christmas

As The Empress sails majestically, Cordelia cruises has curated an exclusive experience for all its guests to experience the essence of Christmas from 20thDecember  to1st January 2022.  With unique entertainment and interactive experiences planned for the guests, every part of the ship will be decked with wreaths, boughs of holly, ribbons, stars, bouquets and of course the prettiest and majestic Christmas Tree.  

Entertainment: Round the clock

The highlight of all the celebrations is of course the wholesome entertainment that has been carefully planned by the Cordelia team which includes a spectacular show of music, dance and stand-up comedy.  Cordelia cruises gives its guests a chance to let their hair down and soak themselves in the festive cheer! A perfect way indeed to soak in the celebrations with your whole family, a luxury that is unmatched.


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