Chiva-Som Introduces online pilates and yoga series

A pioneer in global wellness and a leading wellness resort in lifestyle transformation, Chiva-Som in Hua Hin, Thailand, is offering exclusive online three-session and seven-session yoga and Pilates series run by its world-renowned and highly respected health practitioners who have undergone extensive training and certifications in their respective fields.

Chiva-Som is offering these health-inspiring services to enthusiasts around the world who are unable to travel to Chiva-Som due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the resort’s highly sought-after Online Intensive Wellness Series will be expanded to include the three and seven-day Pilates and Yoga series.

The programmes will be delivered in a successive series of interactive one-on-one sessions, designed to gradually enhance knowledge, strengthen abilities, and most importantly, gain maximum benefit for health and wellbeing at home. They are easily accessible via Zoom video calls – bringing health enthusiasts from around the world closer to achieving their fitness goals from the comfort of their homes.

To cater to growing demand from both past guests and people who have never visited before, Chiva-Som will offer exclusive access to these private online training with two-way communication, allowing participants to easily interact with the experts. All programmes will start with a virtual health and wellness consultation to discuss individual health conditions and objectives, followed by a tailored regimen.

Below are some details of the Pilates and Yoga series:


Chiva-Som’s three-day Pilates on Mat programme emphasises core strengthening and spine mobility to improve posture, as well as head, neck and shoulder alignment, cultivating body awareness, physical fitness and overall wellbeing.


The Pilates Intensive series is ideal for Pilates enthusiasts as well as beginners. It includes seven sessions conducted over a six-week period and is designed to gradually increase strength, flexibility and mobility through tailored sessions. An expert Health & Wellness advisor starts with a personalised wellness goals consultation, followed by a session with the Fitness Instructor to assess the participant’s current capabilities and comfort with Pilates. Each subsequent session builds on the previous lesson, as the Fitness Instructor advises on technique, shares insightful tips, and addresses questions until the participant emerges with a strong foundation, enhanced confidence and increased health benefits.


This intensive three-day online Yoga programme is ideal for those who wish to kick-start or maintain a regular yoga routine. Over the course of three sessions, expert yoga instructors will guide participants on a personal journey to a profound renewal of vitality and lasting inner peace.


The seven-day intensive Yoga series is designed for anyone seeking the benefits of a gentle, but powerful series of movements and postures that strengthen and relax the mind and body. It starts with the basics of yoga and graduates to more advanced sequences, based on personal abilities and comfort level.Personalised instruction is the cornerstone of this programme, with an instructor guiding and motivating participants on their journey towards lifelong health and wellbeing.

Designed to teach, demonstrate and support a successful journey towards a healthier lifestyle, each online programme is designed to revitalise and recharge the body – proving extremely popular for those seeking lifelong Health and Wellness advice from world-renowned experts. 


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