Unique dishes to try at Atlantis, The Palm Dubai

Atlantis, The Palm is known to be a famous culinary destination in Dubai. Right from the Lebanese food at Ayamna to the fusion of Peruvian and Japanese food at Nobu, Atlantis has it all! Check out the most unique dishes from the different menus at Atlantis. So, get your forks and join us in this exciting journey!

The ‘Black Cod Yuzu Miso’ at Nobu

If you’re a seafood fanatic, then this signature dish by Nobu is a must-try! Nobu creates this delicious plate in his unique style by incorporating Peruvian ingredients in Japanese dishes. The tender black cod is marinated in the Japanese yuzu miso to make it one of the most extraordinary and unique delicacies in the world

The ‘Vegan Tiramisu’ at Ronda Locatelli

Vegans, unite! Ronda Locatelli’s vegan tiramisu is here to save the day! Indulge yourself in this mouth-watering dessert at the best Italian restaurant in Dubai. Right from the vegan savoiardi to the vegan mascarpone coffee mousse, this new twist on the Italian dessert will surely leave you craving for more!

Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Beef Wellington’ at Bread Street Kitchen

The multi-Michelin-starred chef brings the best culinary taste to Dubai with his iconic beef wellington. The tender and moist beef wrapped in the crisp Arabic bread is a treat too hard to resist. So, pick up your forks and dive right in!

‘Zaatar Prawns’ at Ayamna

Chef Ali Elibourji brings you his signature dish which is just too good to be true. A bite of this crispy delicacy will fill your palate with flavors. The marinated zaatar prawns are wrapped in kunafa dough and deep-fried to give it its brilliant combination of textures. This Lebanese treat is irresistible!


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