BLS International collaborates with The Hungarian Embassy in Bangladesh on Visa Outsourcing

With the Embassy of Hungary in Bangladesh, BLS International has a large visa outsourcing agreement. For Bangladeshis looking for long-term visas to Hungary, this ground-breaking alliance is expected to change the visa application process and improve the overall experience.

The Embassy of Hungary has exclusively entrusted BLS International to manage and improve their visa processing processes, with a focus on long-term visas. This exclusive partnership reinforces BLS International’s leadership in offering unique and efficient solutions to governments and diplomatic missions around the world.

BLS International’s joint managing director, Shikhar Aggarwal, commented on this by saying, “We are thrilled to cooperate with the Embassy of Hungary in Bangladesh to bring innovation and efficiency to the visa application process. This partnership demonstrates our continued dedication to providing clients with top-notch services that streamline and speed up necessary processes. We have already been working with Azerbaijan, and this is the second time in a row.

BLS International is prepared to provide a simple visa application process, demonstrating its unwavering dedication to operational excellence. The organisation promises to offer Bangladeshi applicants a safe and simple experience when applying for long-term visas to Hungary by utilising cutting-edge technologies and deep expertise.

Through this partnership, applicants will experience a new era of ease that includes accessible application centres, flexible appointment scheduling,


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