WOW! CHINA launches its largest outlet in The City of Joy

After the grand success of the first Bistro format, Wow! China is all set to launch their second casual dine restaurant in Kolkata at Salt Lake Sector V and extend the innovative Chinese food to more customers. Wow! China intends to provide Indian customers with palate-tingling flavors of roadside stalls coupled with standard Chinese dishes from expensive restaurants at economical prices with a touch of innovation. The ‘Chindian Cuisine’, fusion of Indian and Chinese dishes with a very on the go compact menu with limited soups, starters, noodles, rice and main course, is what this place is about.

With 50 outlets spread across 7 major cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad, Wow! China consists of kiosks, food court in malls & tech parks, high street locations and interestingly the cloud kitchen model. In Kolkata alone Wow! China has over 20 outlets across all formats. Besides these regular formats, one of the most successful formats is the “Fast Casual Dining” that was launched at Park Street. The newly launched WOW! CHINA BISTRO in RDB outlet takes the same experience a notch higher. Wow! China Bistro in Sector V Saltlake marries ‘Ambience’, ‘Handpicked Desi Chinese food’, Mocktails that gives the guests a perfect ‘Bistro Experience’.

The aesthetic ambience dominates this 82-seater Chinese-Indian Bistro spanning over an area of 4000 sq ft. plus. The hand-pulled rickshaws with cushioned sheets, murals and designs done by the art college students using Chinese water-colours, the Chinese style hand painted fans and a bar with neon lights with splashes of red, lights up this place on a different level.

Some of the signature ‘Chindian dishes’ of WOW! China Bistro are Chilli Cheese Stuffed Mushroom, Chilli Paneer Dry, Honey Chilli Potato ,Chicken Wrapped Prawns, Schezwan Eggs, Spring Rolls,  Chicken Wings , Whole Fish Grill, Exotic Veg in Oyster Sauces, Veg Manchurian Pan-Fried , Fish in Schezwan Sauce, Crab in Butter Garlic Sauce , Chicken in Chili Basil Sauce , So Wow Khao Suey , Chinese Sizzler , Salads, Rice and Noodles in authentic range of sauces. The brand also has a buffet spread of 7 courses.

To add onto the flavour-some ‘Chindian’ delicacies WOW! China Bistro has some sinful desserts for foodies to indulge in, few of the signature desserts are, Molten Chocolate Spring Roll and House Special Cinnamon Ice Cream amongst many others. WOW! China Bistro also offers a plethora of refreshing beverages which include Alexander The Great, Pick Me Up, Stopwatch and Freak Shakes to name a few. Also the cocktail bar range is soon in planning.

So head to this new WOW! China Bistro if you are looking for top Indo-Chinese food in Kolkata with a lively ambience and upbeat service.


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