Monteria Village gets you ‘The Kabila’ experience

Glamping filled with entertainment activities & traditional food under a starry sky at a drivable distance from Mumbai & Pune!

Monteria Village in Khalapur, Raigad District, a short weekend getaway situated just a two-hour distance from Mumbai and Pune, has recently launched ‘The Kabila’ experience. Inspired by the banjaras, the wanderers, ‘The Kabila’ is an attempt to recreate the wandering experience far from the city’s hustle-bustle. It is a perfect balance between simplicity and modern life comfort that gives you the much-needed reason to take a break and recharge your energies.

Located within the 36 acres of Monteria Village, The Kabila offers 50 well-equipped tents planted in starstruck authentic rural imagery. The campsite is lined with 26 well-equipped toilets and bathrooms for the guests.

“The Kabila further amplifies our village experience offering to guests. It provides you a well-deserved break from the daily urban schedule and takes you down the memory lane through a banjara living setup. From lazing around the periphery space around the tent to relaxing at the group hammocks under tree covers, The Kabila is a perfect setting to soak into nature’s beauty and relive the moment of life. Go back to your roots with this refreshing getaway at Monteria Village,” said Rahi Vaghani, Managing Director, Monteria Resort Pvt. Ltd.

Five must-to-do activities
1. A slow walk through the village: Once settled at the campsite, a stroll to the village is a must-to-do activity to experience the rural setup of the property. A walk through the green farms, and colorful Kutch houses. Visit the Gaushala (cow shed), waterfall, explore the cave tunnel, a bamboo grove, and a temple.

2. Take a dip in a lake: In the village, the lake is one of the most rejuvenating experiences. The monsoons are the ideal time to enjoy the natural showers and take a swim or make a splash. Equipped with safety bars and grips, it is for anyone who wants to reconnect with their inner child and jump in!

3. The Mela & Street food: Every evening, the village mela comes alive and it is a sight to witness. An array of performances including folk dances, music, and nautanki (entertaining art performances) are performed on Lok Kala, the performance stage. Along with food for thought, try the street food at rural stalls that offer tempting items such as pani puri, golas, channa jor garam, and juices. Don’t miss the kadak chai from the local vendor. Take home pickles and papads from the workshops run by women from the nearby village.

4. Shop handicrafts – Buy handicraft items from bamboo and furniture weavers. The village also has a carpenter, blacksmith, barber, tailor, and pottery and cycle repair workshops.

5. Play traditional games – Engage in traditional games such as marble, chakdo ride, obstacle course and swing circle around the tree cover, etc.

Monteria Village offers several unique experiences and attractions for the campers. The property is spread across 36 acres and provides the guests a sneak peek into the village life through art, culture, and traditional activities. The guests can also experience farming and plow soil with the help of our expert staff who are fully equipped to take you through a holistic one-of-its-kind farming experience at Dhanvantri Garden in Monteria Village.

INSTAGRAM: Monteria Village (@monteriavillage)
CALL: 1800-532-9040
DAY TRIP AT MONTERIA VILLAGE: 1500/- per person (inclusive of breakfast, lunch, and Hi-tea)
OVERNIGHT STAY AT THE KABILA: 2100/- per person (inclusive of breakfast)


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