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Curl up beside the serene waves on a beach chair looking at the open sky, sipping refreshments all day long, the Constance properties in Mauritius are a wonderful refuge from the chaotic world. Dyanna Pudaruth, Head of Sales -Italy-Americas-Russia-Central and Eastern Europe at Constance Hotels and Resorts spoke to Travel Turtle about the properties in Mauritius.

Mauritius is the ideal vacation spot thanks to its picture-perfect coastlines, which are lined with fine, white sand, clear water, and plenty of sunshine. The island of Mauritius experiences a tropical temperature all year long and welcomes guests with breathtaking beaches, mind-blowing coral reefs, and diverse tropical flora and wildlife. There are a plethora of activities that can be done to unwind on the Island, and those looking for something more adventurous won’t be let down either.

Activities that will keep you engrossed and take you on a whole new ride. Scuba diving and snorkelling are a few to mention among the plethora of marine life, the surrounding deep blue seas of the Indian Ocean are ideal for windsurfing and water skiing. Exquisitely situated on a secluded island of the bustling East Coast of Mauritius, which is home to some of the island’s best beaches and cleanest water.

Sustainability is the future

Mauritius is at the cusp of a major transformation and hospitality sectors are emblematic of this journey, with sustainability being the focal point for every major destination it becomes necessary to walk on the same lines to boost tourism. Dyana believes in the future of eco-friendly ways of living and shares, “Mauritius’ hospitality sector is set to evolve, focusing more on sustainable tourism practices like eco-friendly accommodations and renewable energy. This approach resonates with Constance Hotels and Resort’s philosophy that is increasingly reinforced through ecological measures, green initiatives, and sustainable practices, making it one of the most popular eco-resorts hotel groups in the Indian Ocean. For example, six of our hotels have received Green Globe certification, a testament to our commitment to sustainable tourism.”

Embark on a regional journey

Regional factors are of high importance in the hospitality sector as they contribute to providing a local feel and creating authentic experiences for guests. Incorporating the region’s tastes, preferences, and culture into their hospitality offering is part of what they do at Constance Hotels, Resorts and Golf. “Regional factors help us to create a unique identity for each of our destinations or properties, enhancing the overall guest experience by allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture, traditions, cuisine, and heritage. By understanding and catering to regional preferences, we can better connect with our guests and provide a more memorable and personalised experience. A testament to this commitment is seen in the employment of Indian Chefs at our hotels, embodying our dedication to providing an authentic culinary experience reflective of the diverse cultures and preferences of our guests,” shares Dyanna.

Satisfied customer- a blessing!

Indians are travelling all over the world; Mauritius is a high priority for a lot of tourism segments in India. Properties when catering to the needs and requirements of travellers from different parts of the world need to step into their customer’s shoes and then analyse the experience. Customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry depends on factors such as service quality, personalized experiences, value for money, and cultural understanding. Dyanna enlightens us with the ways Constance Hotels is catering to the Indian market and says, “To succeed in the Indian market, we cater to the diverse tastes, preferences, and cultural sensitivities of our Indian customers. Emphasising aspects such as authentic Indian cuisine, traditional aesthetics, local hospitality customs, and personalised services are our ways to differentiate ourselves and provide key selling points for Indian customers who come to our hotels.”

Future looks bright

Constance Hotels and Resorts are performing extremely well for the first quarter of 2023 and it is promising to see the growth scale. However, the outlook for the hospitality sector in the year ahead will depend on various factors such as global travel trends, economic conditions, and the public health situation. Dyanna mentions, “It is crucial for us to constantly adapt ourselves to changing consumer behaviours and expectations, invest in technology to improve efficiency and guest experiences and prioritise sustainability initiatives. Constance Hotels and Resorts plan to continue its efforts on delivering excellence whilst enhancing operational and financial efficiency. Additionally, we are eager to explore and seize opportunities to extend the market presence of our brands and grow our portfolio of managed hotels.”

Striving for success

As a property which is gaining the confidence of travellers from almost all the segments, they have been expanding their reach and wish to maintain the rhythm for the coming years. They strive to accomplish significant growth this year for the Indian market for their hotels in Mauritius. With the introduction of new air access, including five weekly flights from Vistara and seven Air Mauritius flights to and from tier I cities, coupled with the robust Indian economy and the growing inclination of Indians to travel to Mauritius, they hold a strong belief in the attainability of this goal. Dyanna shares, “We take pride in our extensive expertise and exceptional accommodations, meticulously designed to cater to the discerning preferences of Indian guests. We are committed to strategic growth while preserving its distinctive family spirit and professional expertise. Its expansion strategy aims to strengthen the corporate brand and broaden its geographical reach, thereby enhancing the company’s value.”


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