Chamarajanagar, Karnataka to get a new tiger safari zone

The tourism industry in the Old Mysore region is going to undergo a major transformation that will definitely boost the local economy. The state of Karnataka is reportedly formulating an audacious plan to create a new tiger safari zone in the Chamarajanagar district in the south.

The design of this initiative is based on the successes of other well-known reserves, like Bandipur and Nagarhole. According to estimates, the proposed safari will begin at Lokkanahalli in the Male Mahadeshwara Hills (MM Hills) wildlife division and encompass a huge 18 km.

In addition to offering the chance to view a range of animals, the safari will lead visitors through deep, foreboding forests where they may examine the intriguing ruins of Stone Age buildings.

Furthermore, this expedition is scheduled to start the first week of December, according to rumors. It will launch with just one car and undergo a two-month investigation period. The road is ideally situated along the elephant corridor, which means that wild elephant encounters are likely to occur there, according to Santhosh Kumar G, MM Hills Wildlife Division’s deputy conservator of forests.


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