A voyage beyond safari with ‘One Above’ in Kenya

Africa, a continent of myriad marvels and cultural tapestries, has long been a destination with safari adventures. However, there’s resurgence in the way travellers perceive and experience this diverse land. The OTOAI Convention held in Kenya this year in collaboration with One Above and Sarova Hotels and Resorts was a testament to the growing traveller’s interest for the country. Rahim Aslam, Vishal Somaiya and Irshad Dadan, Directors, One Above DMC share their experience about the country and the convention.

Rahim Aslam sets the stage by highlighting the essence of Africa’s charm. “Africa is not just a destination; it’s an experience that transcends expectations. Its diverse ecosystems, from the majestic savannas to lush forests, resonate with every traveller seeking to immerse themselves in nature’s grandeur.”

Vishal Somaiya emphasises the pivotal role of people in defining the African experience. “Our recent ventures, especially in Kenya, showcased the warmth and hospitality of the Sarova team. It’s the people who breathe life into a destination, making each moment unforgettable.”

Irshad Dadan sheds light on Africa’s rising prominence among Indian travellers. “Post-pandemic, there’s been a seismic shift in travellers’ preferences. Africa, once primarily associated with safaris, now entices visitors with a myriad of experiences beyond the wild, catering to longer holidays spanning 10 to 20 days.”

Reflecting on their strategic vision, Rahim elaborates on the company’s forthcoming plans. “We aspire to redefine travel to Africa by presenting it as a comprehensive itinerary encompassing multiple countries like Tanzania, South Africa, and Kenya. This integrated approach aims to provide travellers with a holistic African experience.”

Vishal Somaiya echoes the sentiment, emphasising the evolving trends in travel durations. “Longer holidays have become the norm, aligning with the flexible work dynamics globally. Travellers now seek immersive experiences, cherishing extended stays and deep cultural engagements.”

Irshad Dadan draws attention to the burgeoning opportunities in MICE tourism across Africa. “We’ve witnessed a surge in MICE groups exploring Kenya, South Africa, and Tanzania, signifying the continent’s potential as a prime destination for business events.”

The trio’s collective message resonates with a call for industry integrity and excellence. “As we shape the narrative of African travel, we urge our partners and fellow industry players to set benchmarks and uphold service excellence without compromising on fair pricing. This convergence is crucial to elevate the travel experience and foster sustainable growth within the industry.”

One Above DMC, guided by the insightful vision of Rahim Aslam, Vishal Somaiya, and Irshad Dadan, stands poised to unlock the unexplored marvels of Africa. Their dedication to redefining travel paradigms promises a new era of immersive, culturally enriching experiences, inviting travellers to delve deeper into the heart of Africa’s diverse offerings.


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