Sarova Hotels and Resorts emerges as India’s favourite

The recent strides made in the Indian travel market were illuminated, painting a picture of rapid growth and promising horizons for the hospitality giant Sarova Hotels and Resorts. Mita Vohra, Director, Sarova Hotels and Resorts Kenya share her thoughts at the 5th Annual OTOAI Convention.

“We’ve seen a monumental shift in interest from the Indian market towards Kenya. It’s an exciting time for us, especially with the enthusiasm we’ve witnessed for our diverse experiences and sustainable offerings,” Mita highlighted.

The recent OTOAI Convention in Kenya served as a testament to this growing interest. “Kenya has been a focus, and we’re thrilled to see the Indian market opening up to new destinations within the country. The interest generated, even though social media, has been remarkable. It’s more than just flights; it’s about igniting curiosity and showcasing the beauty of Kenya,” she elaborated.

The strategic choice of destinations, such as Nakuru, Shaba, and Mara, was explained in detail. “The proximity of Lion Hill and Mara made them ideal choices for a condensed trip, while Shaba, albeit a bit off the beaten track, offers a unique experience. Our choices were also influenced by feedback and suggestions from the market,” shared Mita.

The impact of these destinations on travellers was evident, as recounted by individuals who experienced the pre-familiarization trip. Mita shares, “Their stories, shared passionately on social media platforms, resonated with people back in India, creating a buzz and stirring interest among potential travellers.”

Regarding Sarovar’s engagement with the Indian market, Mita unveiled impressive growth. “This year alone, we’ve witnessed a doubling in numbers from the Indian market. It’s a testament to our renewed focus and proactive engagement post-COVID.”

However, Mita emphasised the need for a holistic approach beyond just numbers. “It’s not solely about booking rooms; it’s about offering unique experiences. Our emphasis on sustainability and the array of exclusive offerings set us apart,” she added.

When discussing the market’s future trajectory, Mita told us, “India currently stands as our third-largest market, but the growth potential is immense. With an aggressive target for the coming year and expanded outreach initiatives, we anticipate substantial progress.”

Regarding the brand’s connection with the Indian market, Mita highlighted their history and direct approach. “Our roots in India and our direct engagement with the market have given us unique insights. We understand the needs and aspirations of Indian travellers.”

Mita had a message for travel agents and potential travellers and said, “We promise exceptional experiences and care when you choose Sarovar. Emphasise the uniqueness of our offerings to your clients. Our commitment to sustainability and the array of precious experiences sets us apart in the market.”

As Sarovar continues to carve a niche in the hospitality industry, their unwavering commitment to providing distinctive experiences and their sustainability-driven approach seems poised to resonate even further with the Indian travel market.


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