OTOAI unveils Kenya’s tourism potential

OTOAI plays a crucial role in promoting tourism and fostering collaborations within the industry. Taking us to the heart of East Africa, they are making a mark to venture through destinations that will captivate the travellers.

Committed to maintaining high standards and ethical practices, it serves as a platform for its members to exchange ideas, address challenges, and collectively work towards enhancing the outbound travel experience for tourists. The Outbound Tour Operators Association of India (OTOAI) is all set for its 5th Annual Convention which will be held in Nairobi, Kenya from 24th to 27th November. This bold choice of destination symbolises OTOAI’s commitment to exploring uncharted territories and introducing Indian travellers to the hidden treasures of Kenya’s tourism landscape. OTOAI has been promoting outbound tourism in full swing, as the world is opening up different endeavours and routes for travellers. Destinations that were just mere specs on the map are becoming a favourite for travellers to explore. Kenya beckons with its majestic wildlife, stunning landscapes, and a tapestry of cultures that weave together to create a vibrant and captivating nation. OTOAI is leaping and unveiling the beautiful Kenya to the Indian subcontinent.

This year the conventions theme is Smart Tourism: The role of AI and Chat GPT, which is becoming a need of the hour for travellers. It is important to keep moving forward with the technology and understand how it can benefit the people and the field. The convention’s purpose is to educate Indian tour operators with first-hand experiences of wildlife and nature-rich destinations, aims to equip them with the knowledge to enhance their professionalism and sales capabilities. It’s a fantastic initiative to empower these operators with the tools to promote these beautiful destinations more effectively.

Uncovering Kenya’s tourism landscape

Kenya’s tourism sector has been continuously evolving, focusing on various initiatives and developments to enhance its appeal and accessibility to visitors. Despite that, the country remains a relatively undiscovered jewel for many in India. Riaz Munshi, President, OTOAI, sheds light on the convention’s significance in uncovering Kenya’s tourism potential and shares, “This convention aims to serve as a gateway, introducing our members to the unexplored beauty and cultural richness of this vibrant destination and pioneering role of this convention in broadening horizons.”

He adds, “There will be presentations tailored for destination hosts and sponsors, followed by discussions on AI and chat GPT and B2B meetings, which will offer a comprehensive platform for learning and collaboration.”

Partnerships go a long way!

Conventions are always a safe space for the industry to interact and share thoughts about ongoing trends and developments. The OTOAI convention will be a platform where people can discover the destination while interacting with the important people of Kenya. The pivotal role of strategic partnerships in crafting this groundbreaking event was necessary. Their collaboration with Sarova Hotels & Resorts, Kenya, and One Above as their ground handlers underscores the dedication to curating an unparalleled experience for the delegates. It is imperative to have partnerships to ensure the success of such an endeavour.

Safe and fulfilling experience

While enjoying the destination and exploring all its wonders, it is important to ensure that we are well within the country’s guidelines and instructions. For a wholesome fulfilling experience, a step-by-step procedure will help to be in sync with travellers. Shravan Bhalla, Vice President, OTOAI and Convention Chairman, meticulously outlines the preparations and health prerequisites for the event and tells us, “The safety and well-being of our attendees are of utmost importance. We’ve outlined mandatory health requirements, including Yellow Fever and Polio vaccinations, to ensure a secure environment for all participants. The association is committed to providing a safe experience for the delegates.”

Furthermore, he talks about the convention speakers and shares, “Our speakers, Sumit Rajwade and Ketan Kasabe will help the delegates understand the nitty gritties of the technology and how we can incorporate it in our daily life working.”

Immersive journeys

The diverse and tailored convention packages designed for OTOAI members will help them get an in-depth idea about the hidden gems of the destination. Shravan shares, “Our packages offer a spectrum of immersive experiences. The inclusion of pre and post-FAM Trips covering Nakuru, Mara, and Shaba regions aims to provide delegates with holistic and enriching experiences beyond the convention which will add value and give exploration opportunities to the attendees.

Sidharth Khanna, General Secretary, OTOAI shares, “With Sumit focusing on AI and Chat GPT, debunking myths and exploring the future, and Ketan delving into AI digital marketing, the event promises to provide valuable insights into the role of technology in shaping smart tourism.”

The promise of the Convention

OTOAI’s fifth convention has the transformative potential to create a space for Kenya in the minds of Indian travellers. Beyond being a gathering, this event is an opportunity for learning, networking, and shaping the future of the tourism industry. The ideal goal of the convention is to reshape perspectives and foster international connections. Monia Kapoor, Joint Secretary, OTOAI shares, “This convention symbolises our dedication to uncovering new travel horizons. It’s about fostering cultural exchanges and expanding the vistas of Indian travellers.”

Furthermore, she adds, “Our objective is to revolutionise Indian tourism by unravelling the hidden treasures of Kenya. This convention marks the beginning of an enriching journey for our members.”

A brand new chapter

As OTOAI moves ahead with its choice of Nairobi as the convention venue, anticipation and excitement surround this landmark event. The amalgamation of strategic alliances, and meticulous planning, underscores the significance and potential of the convention. With Kenya’s diverse landscapes, wildlife, and cultural richness, the convention not only signifies a gathering but catalyses deeper connections, expansive exploration, and redefining the future of Indian tourism.

Gurdeep Singh Gujral, Treasurer, OTOAI shares, “This convention encapsulates the essence of exploration and discovery. It’s about fostering an appreciation for diverse cultures and unveiling new adventures. It embodies OTOAI’s commitment to innovation and collaboration. The inclusion of themed dinners, both African and traditional Indian, will add a cultural touch to the event, enriching the experience for attendees beyond the informative sessions. The various lucky draws for delegates will surely add excitement and engagement. It’s a journey that will redefine the boundaries of Indian tourism and usher in a world of endless possibilities.”


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