Vietjet ready to welcome Indian couples on honeymoon at Vietnamese touristy coastal cities

With the festive season approaching, Vietjet announces the “Love Connection” Campaign” – the first ever for India that offers Indian couples with opportunities to experience their dreamful “honeymoon” in Da Nang and Phu Quoc, the touristy coastal cities in Vietnam.

Lasting from September 15 to November 30, (GMT+7), the “Love Connection” Campaign is a tailored talent contest dedicated to Indian couples. With their own impressive moments recorded in the journey to find each other, couples have many opportunities to become one of the luckiest who wins valuable awards by Vietjet.

Accordingly, the winning couples with their unique stories will win the prize of a romantic vacation in Da Nang, a coastal city that has become a magnet for tourists in Central Vietnam or Phu Quoc – the so-called “Pearl” Island of Vietnam. Especially, the “Pearl” Island which is famous for its pristine white sand beaches and poetic scenery would be a destination for millennial weddings. In addition, the selected couples will have the opportunity to experience the unique services of Vietjet – an airline with 17 routes connecting Vietnam – India.

Apart from festive activities, the main event to be held in around mid-November of 2022 will also feature a jury of celebrities, influencers, representatives of Vietjet, and winning couples. They will participate in a once-in-a-lifetime experience named the “Celebration of Love” Event on Mumbai beach. Also, they will receive airline return tickets from India to Vietnam by Vietjet as well as a resort voucher for the two. With its far-reaching flying network, Vietjet offers the winners capability to choose their preferred flight to Vietnam including Mumbai / New Delhi / Ahmedabad / Hyderabad – Phu Quoc / Da Nang / Ho Chi Minh City / Hanoi with departure times from 15 November 2022 to June 30, 2023 (*).

The stories will be registered until the end of October 15, 2022. Then, the winners will be shortlisted and announced by Vietjet on October 24, 2022, based on the decisions of a Jury Board. The winning stories should feature participants’ love stories with a strong taste for discovering new destinations. Participants are required to follow the official format of a post with a picture (up to 1,000 words, and 5 photos (each photo size is no more than 5MB) or 1 video (video size is no more than 200MB).

The winners whose stories receive the most votes from the contest’s official website and related social platforms for their uniqueness will receive an invitation for being at the Love Connection 2022 award party as well as the Celebration of Love event in Mumbai. They are also rewarded with a honeymoon trip to Vietnam, discovering a never-before-seen paradise with luxury resort services in Vietnam.

Known for its unexplored beaches, Phu Quoc had an endless coastline with a diverse and magnificent natural landscape. With the presence of many luxury world-class resorts and rich and diverse local products, Phu Quoc has become a “bright pearl” on the international tourist map.

It is a great time for Indians to get exposed to Phu Quoc city as Vietnam has officially exempted visas for 30 days. The country has lifted all arrival regulations relating to Covid-19 and travelers can enjoy a complete pre-pandemic fashion arriving in the country.

Program details and participation rules are listed on their website:


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