Celebrate Bahrain hosts over 100,000 visitors in the country

The Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA) announced the success of the Celebrate Bahrain Season witnessing a huge number of over 100,000 visitors, showcasing the kingdom’s appeal as a premier global tourism destination. These diverse celebrations showcased family, musical, cultural, and sporting events across various governorates, reflecting the success of Celebrate Bahrain Season, achieved in collaboration with numerous partners.

Celebrate Bahrain Season, concluded in a successful New Year’s celebration across iconic locations such as Water Garden City, Marassi Beach, Bahrain Bay, Bahrain Harbour, Bahrain Fort, Bahrain National Museum, and Al Najmah Club. The overwhelming turnout exceeded expectations, transforming the Festival City into a vibrant melting pot of cultures, entertainment, and joy, enriching the experiences of everyone involved.

One of the key highlights of Celebrate Bahrain Season was its ability to attract a significant number of tourists from around the world. The exclusive promotions and diverse range of events successfully captivated the attention of global travellers, making it an unparalleled destination for tourists seeking a unique and memorable experience. The season’s success in drawing a substantial number of visitors underscore Bahrain’s appeal as a leading tourist destination and reinforces the nation’s commitment to fostering a thriving tourism industry.

Bahrain’s commitment to hosting successful, inclusive events is evident in the resounding success of Celebrate Bahrain Season. These events, with its diverse offerings and strategic partnerships, has not only surpassed expectations but has also set a new standard for cultural celebrations in the region. As the kingdom continues to evolve as a prominent tourism hub, seasons like Celebrate Bahrain play a pivotal role in shaping Bahrain’s global identity and attracting visitors from around the globe.


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