BLR Airport wins ‘Best Airport of the Year’ award

Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru (BLR Airport) has been recognised as the ‘Best Airport of the Year’ at the Wings India Awards 2024.  At the award ceremony held in Hyderabad on January 18, the airport was also conferred with the ‘>25 MPPA Traffic Award’ under the Airports category.

This recognition is a result of BLR Airport’s unwavering emphasis on operational excellence, seamless passenger experience, unwavering environmental stewardship, and the use of cutting-edge technology. In the last year, BLR Airport has significantly increased passenger capacity. To ensure smooth passenger flow and a stress-free experience, the Airport has increased the number of entry gates, check-in counters, and informative display boards. International operations have been moved from Terminal 1 (T1) to the new Terminal 2 (T2) which spans 255,661 square metres of area, equipped to handle 25 million passengers annually. Immigration and emigration counters have also been expanded, further reducing wait times and enhancing the overall journey.

Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability at BLR Airport:

BLR Airport is dedicated to environmental responsibility, as indicated by its Level 4+ Transition status under the Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) program, a globally recognised initiative. The Airport actively implements various initiatives to minimise its environmental footprint. These include achieving net energy-neutral status, banning single-use plastics at F&B outlets, and undertaking extensive landscaping and afforestation drives. BLR Airport is water-positive, it regenerates more water than it consumes. Furthermore, the airport showcases its dedication to sustainability by utilising 100% renewable energy across its entire campus.

Sustainable Design: T2’s Green Commitment:

T2 stands as a testament to BLR Airport’s commitment to sustainable design. Pre-certified with a Platinum LEED rating by USGBC and the IGBC Green New Building Platinum certification, T2 is the largest terminal in the world to achieve these prestigious distinctions. Its design seamlessly blends modern technology with the rich culture and heritage of India, featuring over 60 artworks depicting the ‘Naurasas’ or nine emotions. Walking through the ‘Terminal in a Garden’ surrounded by greenery amidst the bustling airport environment is a unique experience for passengers.

Innovation and Technology for Seamless Travel:

Innovation and technology are key drivers at BLR Airport, ensuring a smooth and efficient passenger experience. Cutting-edge solutions like Digi Yatra facial recognition for contactless boarding, the BLR Pulse app offering real-time updates, and self-baggage drop systems for faster check-in prioritise passenger convenience. The Automated Tray Retrieval System (ATRS) further streamlines baggage screening, enhancing overall efficiency. In October 2023, BLR Airport secured the top position as the world’s most punctual airport for three consecutive months, a testament to its dedication to operational excellence and on-time departures.

This recognition as the Best Airport in India is a culmination of BLR Airport’s focus on customer experience and investment in capacity. As the airport continues to soar to new heights, it aims to serve as the new Gateway to South and Central India.



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