Cordelia Cruises Redefines Indian Cruising and celebrates 2 year Anniversary

Cordelia Cruises, India’s premium cruise line, is thrilled to announce its second anniversary, marking two years of cruising to create unforgettable experiences. In two glorious years of operations, Cordelia Empress has sailed an astounding 1,25,000 nautical miles — that’s over half the distance between Earth and the Moon. Cordelia Cruises embarked on this journey with a vision to not only introduce the subcontinent but also redefine premium cruising, focusing on delivering an unmistakably Indian experience that resonates with the global cruising landscape. Over the past two years, Cordelia has continued to set new benchmarks in the industry, offering guests an opportunity to explore the continent’s enchanting destinations and enjoy the warmth and hospitality that India has to offer. Since its inception, Cordelia Cruises has proudly brought a unique blend of Indian hospitality and top-tier amenities to over 4,00,000 passengers, solidifying its position as a frontrunner in the Indian cruise industry. The core endeavour at Cordelia has always been to serve guests with an all encompassing itinerary that showcases the best each region has to offer and more importantly, that ensures that every age group has a memorable time whilst on board. For their Sri Lanka sailing as well, Cordelia Cruises explored the unexplored ports of Sri Lanka: Trincomalee, Hambantota, and Jaffna.

The preconceived notion that a cruise brought back in the day was that of an expensive and purely Western experience, Cordelia Cruises single-handedly mapped that journey and remarkably established a cruising landscape in India for Indians by Indians. They ensured that guests enjoyed a feeling of belonging. This purposeful and visionary approach has opened up new horizons for Indian travellers, making cruising now an integral part of their holiday options.

As they usher in their third year, Cordelia Cruises has ambitious plans to expand their fleet and enrich their offering. The vision ahead includes catering to a broader international audience, thus promoting the unique Indian cruising experience globally.

“On this remarkable second anniversary, we stand proudly as pioneers in introducing the magic of cruise tourism to India. Cordelia Cruises is a dream realized. We have blended the rich tapestry of our Indian heritage with world-class amenities to craft unforgettable experiences at sea. With gratitude to the 4 lakh passengers who’ve entrusted us with their journey, we continue to redefine travel in our great nation. Let’s sail ahead, introducing the world to the warmth of Indian hospitality, and making cruising not just a vacation but a lifestyle for all Indians.”, Jurgen Bailom, President and CEO of Waterways Leisure Tourism Pvt Ltd, Cordelia Cruises.


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