IndiGo commences operations from Delhi- Tbilisi

IndiGo, India’s preferred airline, has commenced direct tri-weekly flights to Tbilisi from Delhi, starting from August 8, 2023. The vibrant capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi marks the 29th international and 107th overall destination in the 6E network. IndiGo proudly becomes the first airline to provide direct connectivity between the two cities, reinforcing trade, economic, and cultural ties.

This new air bridge represents a significant milestone in strengthening the deep-rooted connections between India and Georgia. As Tbilisi and Delhi share commonalities in rich history and vibrant culture, customers will benefit from the connection between these two dynamic cities.

Mr Vinay Malhotra, Head of Global Sales at IndiGo, said, “We are delighted to commence the first direct flight between Delhi and Tbilisi, the captivating capital of Georgia. With this 29th International destination in our expanding network, we aim to bring India and Georgia closer, and open the two countries with a rich cultural and economic heritage for exploration. As India’s leading carrier, we are dedicated towards nurturing this growing bond and offering customers an unmatched travel experience, to new horizons across borders. IndiGo is pleased to connect people across cities & countries and deliver affordable, on-time, courteous, and hassle-free travel experiences across an unparalleled network.”

Tbilisi’s charm lies in its captivating blend of history, culture, and modernity. The city’s architectural beauty is a mix of ancient wonders and contemporary structures. Tourists can explore iconic landmarks such as the Narikala Fortress, the historic Old Town with its sulfur baths, and the magnificent Holy Trinity Cathedral. Besides its historical heritage, Tbilisi is known for its warm hospitality, vibrant arts and music scene, delightful cuisine, and bustling markets. Moreover, the city’s dynamic industries contribute to its reputation as a cultural and economic center, offering exciting opportunities for creativity, business, and growth.


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