Discover AlUla’s extraordinary landscapes from a hot air balloon

Hero Balloon Flights is now operating hot air balloon flights all year round over the epic sites of AlUla

The timeless beauty of AlUla, the luxury boutique heritage destination in the northwest of Saudi Arabia, delivers an exhilarating new perspective with the introduction of a new year-round aerial attraction from Hero Balloon Flights, Saudi Arabia’s first commercial hot air balloon operator.On 1st October 2023, the inaugural balloon flight took off as the sun rose over AlUla, giving guests the chance to unlock their inner explorer and experience Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hegra, alongside a spellbinding tapestry of canyons, rock formations, and verdant oases from 4,000ft.

Embodying 200,000 years of shared human history and 7,000 years of continuous civilisations, AlUla offers a bounty of ancient and traditional gifts, all of which reveals its full glory from an elevated perspective. Hero Balloon Flights is the latest premium addition to the destination’s exceptional line-up of experiences that span adventure, culture, arts, heritage, sports, and more.The price of a shared hot air balloon experience is SAR 995 per adult and SAR 795 per child. Hero Balloon Flights also offers a private hot air balloon flight for up to eight guests for SAR 9,995. Each booking includes complimentary transport to and from the guests’ hotel. The hot air balloon experience options can be booked at

Key highlights of Hero Balloon Flights’ experiences:

  1. Other-worldly Scenery: Experience AlUla’s spellbinding canyons, lush blankets of green oases, and intricately carved tombs that stretch as far as the eye can see from the skies, taking in panoramic views of historic sites that have captivated travellers for millennia and will continue to do so for many more to come.
  2. Guided by Industry Experts: Backed by industry leaders Balloon Adventures Dubai and Hero Experiences Group, the balloon experiences are curated and executed by experts who promise unique, luxurious and safe flights. Balloon Adventures Dubai has also been awarded the World’s Leading Hot Air Balloon Operator at the World Travel Awards for three consecutive years.
  3. Experienced Pilots: All pilots captaining the Hero Balloon Flights fleet have decades of experience in hot air ballooning and have flown in numerous destinations worldwide. Throughout the flight, they’ll keep guests entertained with tales of the land and insights into the history and culture of AlUla.
  4. An Adventure to Ignite the Senses: A hot air balloon flight like no other, allowing all the senses to come alive throughout each journey – from the feeling of the warmth of the sun as it illuminates the landscape, to hearing the exhilarating sound of the balloon’s burners, and experiencing a profound sense of peace and tranquillity that can only be discovered 4,000 feet above the earth.

Hero Balloon Flights is the latest in a thrilling roster of adventure experiences that take full advantage of the city’s wide-open spaces and unique landscape. From the Adventure Hub, which offers Abseiling, Rock Climbing, Zipline and more, to the AlUla Skies Festival and year-round helicopter rides, the city has championed sustainable development across its tourism and adventure offerings, paving the way for a future filled with even more exceptional experiences.


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