Domestic air traffic touches high record

Domestic Airlines carried 4,56,910 passengers, setting a new record for domestic air traffic and indicating two ‘consecutive days of historic numbers’.

According to government data, the number of passengers in the air on Saturday also set a new record at 4,56,748.

“In the aftermath of COVID-19, the story of India’s domestic aviation has not only been remarkable but also uplifting.” The civil aviation ministry stated, “With every flight, every day, it’s reaching new heights thanks to positive attitudes, progressive policies, and widespread passenger trust.”

On Sunday, November 19, there were 5,958 flight movements and 4,56,910 domestic passengers. Compared to the 3,93,391 passengers and 5,506 flight movements registered on November 19 of the previous year, the number was much greater.

Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia said on Monday that despite the high numbers, the nation will undoubtedly overtake all other nations as the global leader in the aviation business.

“The Josh is the greatest, sir! India’s aviation passenger traffic surpasses the record set the day before, making it two days in a row with historic figures. It is a group accomplishment for the Indian people rather than just a success for the aviation sector.


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