Embassy of Türkiye and The Claridges celebrate Turkish Cuisine Week with Aegean delicacies

To celebrate Anatolia’s rich gastronomic culture and heritage, Turkish Cuisine Week is annually celebrated in Türkiye and worldwide from 21 to 27 May. The annual event features a series of culinary events, organised by the representatives of the Republic of Türkiye both domestically and abroad. 

In India, the 2024 edition of the Turkish Cuisine Week is organised by the Embassy of the Republic of Türkiye, in partnership with The Claridges, New Delhi. 


The Turkish Cuisine Week’s thematic focus this year is the Turkish Aegean, which is the western-most coastal region of Türkiye. A beautiful landscape of green and turquoise, Türkiye’s Aegean coast attracts attention with its magnificent scenery and ancient history, as well as its healthy food culture, which is famed for fresh vegetables such as artichokes and zucchini blossoms, as well as fragrant local herbs and an abundance of seafood.

To inaugurate the Turkish Cuisine Week, a Gala Dinner was held at the Sevilla Restaurant in The Claridges, which brought together officials, diplomats, dignitaries, food writers and influencers, who savored the tastes, aromas, and stories of the Aegean region. 

The festivities will continue from 24th to 26th May, during which typical dishes from the Aegean region of Türkiye will be served at the Lunch Buffet in Lutyens Deli at The Claridges. 

The Aegean menu presented within the scope of Turkish Cuisine Week consists of recipes symbolising the abundance of the region, where the healthy, sustainable and Mediterranean-style diet has long been emphasized. Aegean olives and cheeses, yoghurt-based mezes, mücver (zucchini fritters), green beans braised in olive oil, stuffed green bell peppers with olive oil, gözleme (flatbread with cheese) and other pastries with herbs, shrimp casserole, İzmir-style meatballs, incir uyutması (milk and dried fig pudding), and sherbets are among the options on the menu.

The Aegean food served is prepared by Turkish Chef Erdal Ağat, together with the masterchefs of The Claridges.


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