Germany witnesses a growth of 32.6% visitors from India compared to previous year

Germany’s tourism industry is witnessing a notable growth in visitors with Indian tourists playing a key role in driving this development. The country welcomed over 8 lakh overnight stays from India in 2023, marking a large rise in German tourism compared to the previous years. This trend highlights Germany’s appeal as a sustainable and travel-friendly destination offering diverse cultural experiences and hidden gems that captivate the hearts of travelers be it from India or any corner of the world.

The German National Tourist Office (GNTO) and German Embassy in India successfully concluded a joint press conference, to showcase Germany as a preferred travel destination for Indian travellers. The conference took place at the German Embassy in New Delhi and was attended by various media personnel from India.

In recent years, Germany has seen a significant increase in Indian tourists choosing the country as their most preferred travel destination. The remarkable growth of 32.6% as compared to 2022, reflects the rising interest among Indian travelers in exploring Germany’s rich culture, scenic landscapes, historic landmarks, and renowned culinary experiences. Germany’s commitment to eco-friendly tourism practices offers travelers the opportunity to meet with sustainable cultural experiences while minimizing their environmental impact.

As the tourism industry in Germany grows day by day, the country aims to increase the visibility of the 52 UNESCO World Heritage sites and attract visitors interested in exploring the country’s sustainable social heritage. Not only does Germany lives and breathes history and rich culture, but it is also home to many hidden gems waiting to be discovered by travelers seeking out of the ordinary experiences.

Through these routes, they can explore the charming villages and lesser-known tourist attractions that offer a glimpse into the country’s authenticity. From exploring Brandenburg Gate and the historic streets of Munich to getting lost in the scenic beauty of the Black Forest and Rhine Valley, Germany offers countless experiences that appeal to Indian travelers seeking memorable vacations.

Furthermore, Germany’s well-developed infrastructure, efficient transportation networks and high standards of safety and hygiene have positioned it as a preferred destination for seamless travel experiences. The country’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly tourism practices also resonates with Indian travelers who prioritize responsible travel.

“We are delighted to see a growing number of Indian tourists choosing Germany as their destination of choice. Germany offers a wholesome experience of scenic beauty and a rich culture, combined with magical theme-routes and eco-friendly tourism. We believe it is the ideal destination for travelers wanting to revel in warm hospitality and scintillating cuisine. We look forward to welcoming more Indian visitors and showcasing the best of what Germany has to offer. ” Romit Theophilus, Director of Marketing & Sales Office – India at the GNTO.

“We are thrilled to witness the growing interest among Indian tourists in exploring Germany. The remarkable growth of 32,6% compared to last year is no surprise, considering Germany’s impressive ranking in the global Nation Brands Index 2023. This year is even more exciting- we have our biggest European Football event, the Euro Cup, this summer, and we have a host of offerings in the cultural and historical sphere. Situated in the heart of Europe, Germany also offers a vibrant, dynamic, and commercially attractive destination for young travelers. This growing people-to-people contact is crucial in strengthening the foundation of our bilateral partnership like never before.” Mr. Georg Enzweiler, Deputy Head of Mission at the German Embassy.

As the global tourism industry continues to grow and spread its wings, Germany remains committed to welcoming and delighting tourists from all around the world and providing unforgettable experiences that celebrate its rich heritage and natural beauty. With the rise of Indian tourism contributing to this motion, Germany is confident to emerge as a top destination for travelers seeking enriching experiences in Europe.


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