Hotelogix closes 2023 on a high note

Hotelogix, a globally leading cloud-based hospitality technology provider, has announced the successful closure of 2023, driving cloud adoption by hotels across the globe and making some significant improvements in its Hotel Property Management System (Hotel PMS).

Speaking on the global hotel industry’s rapid adoption of cloud solutions in 2023, Sivaprasad Gangadharan, Chief Sales Officer at Hotelogix, said, “This shift towards digital agility was a transformative strategy to enhance guest experiences and propel business growth. At Hotelogix, we were at the forefront of this evolution, guiding hotels in harnessing the power of the cloud via our matured product.”

In 2023, Hotelogix rolled out a series of feature updates to enhance user experience and streamline hotel operations. These updates include the rollout of Version 2.5 of the Hotel PMS. With improved UI elements, a sleek look, simple workflows, and intuitive navigation, the PMS has become simpler, better, faster, and smarter. “These improvements are deeply functional, designed to empower hotel staff with easy access to key work areas within the PMS. It would help the management run their business with better control,” Siva added.

Considering hotel groups’ growing inclination towards gaining centralized control over operations, Hotelogix introduced several central-level reports so that they can make data-driven decisions and drive growth. It has also extended its solution’s capabilities through integrations with several top-tier third-party solutions, providing 360-degree operational efficiency for them. Notable integrations include SynXis Central Reservation System, Lybra Revenue Management System, QuickBooks for accounting and Gupshup for guest communication.

Hotelogix has also rolled out contactless self-service options for guests, enhancing the user experience. Its Mobile PMS App allows for on-the-go task management, increasing mobility.

“All these enhancements in our product align with changing market dynamics and are relevant to the modern-day user. As we move into 2024, we have our ears to the ground and are committed to driving the global hotel industry’s rapid migration towards the cloud,” Siva added.


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