Exceptional and sustainable holiday experiences in Destination Germany

Responsible tourism is a growing trend among travelers who are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of travel. More than 30 percent of Germany is covered by lush forests, nature reserves, and biosphere reserves, making it perfect for a variety of outdoor holidays. Look no further than Germany’s sixteen national parks with their unspoiled natural beauty to see some truly stunning landscapes. From the Baltic Sea in the North, all the way to the Alps in the South and anywhere in between, every region has its own unique flair and charm, so there is a lot to discover.

“Sustainable tourism is something Germany is serious about,” said Romit Theophilus, Director for India German National Tourist Office (GNTO), “We recognize the demand for eco-conscious offerings and want to ensure that those are accessible for all, regardless of budget. Germany is a treasure trove of natural beauty and we’re confident that Indian travelers will be blown away by the diverse landscapes.”

The GNTO’s global campaign Embrace German Nature showcases beautiful natural landscapes and sustainable holiday experiences in Destination Germany. It encourages travelers to venture off the beaten tracks to discover the country’s many beautiful outdoor highlights.

Treetop Paths – at eye level with the forest
Up high, up to 40 meters above the ground, more than 20 treetop paths in Germany wind through dense forests and amazing natural landscapes. Anyone who strolls over the footbridges and walkways here comes very close to nature – and experiences flora and fauna from a completely new perspective. A unique and particularly intense experience of nature, where the providers place great emphasis on sustainable construction and accessible access.

Bavarian Forest National Park
In accordance with the motto “Let nature be nature”, the Bavarian Forest National Park creates its own extraordinary sphere of nature. The border mountains range with its woodlands, moors, mountain streams and former upland pastures (Schachten) is one of the most important spots of biodiversity. A broad range of rare animals, plants, and fungi grow under optimal living conditions. Therefore not just nearly extinct mammals and birds, such as lynx, capercaillie, otter, or Ural owl live in the Bavarian Forest, but also a vast number of fungi and bugs, which can only be found here in this National Park – nationwide.

Berchtesgaden National Park
The only German national park in the Alps is a true paradise for holidaymakers who are loving life and looking for an activity-packed break. No matter what time of year they visit. After taking a tour on one of the footpaths or steep mountain trails, which cover 260 kilometers in total, or taking to the snowy slopes on skis, quaint mountain chalets are the perfect place for a rest.

The Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site
The Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site not only covers a large area of Germany’s North Sea Coast but it is also the country’s biggest national park. It features a truly unique landscape and is home to a huge diversity of flora and fauna. The best way to explore this unique nature reserve is on a mudflat walk


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