The pot of gold of culture and heritage – Sharjah

Instead of dazzling with glitz, Sharjah, the third-largest emirate after Abu Dhabi and Dubai, enchants the travellers with its rich culture. Sharjah enjoys a view of the Arabian Sea and continues to hold the title of the Middle East’s cultural epicentre.

Sharjah is bordered by the cities of Dubai and Ajman, boasting the glory of yester years beautifully. About 20 kilometres southeast of the city sits the Sultan bin Mohammed Al-Qassimi palace, which serves as the residence of the Emirate of Sharjah’s ruler. The city of Sharjah is home to major economic and administrative hubs as well as a variety of traditional and cultural enterprises. Sharajah’s scenery includes natural history museums, galleries showcasing Islamic art and tradition, exquisite mosques with distinctive architectural styles, and covered souks. Every landmark in this emirate tells a narrative about the local past.

Prized possession

Kalba, Dibba Al Hisn, and Khor Fakkan, which gives Sharjah a significant east coast port, are three of the enclaves that Sharjah possesses on the east coast. The Madha borders Sharjah, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah, is an enclave called Nahwa that belongs to the Emirate of Sharjah. The rich Dhaid region, where a variety of fruits and vegetables are grown, is well-known oasis area in Sharjah. The emirates also include a few other significant oasis destinations.

Sharjah boasts top-notch medical infrastructure, including numerous hospitals and speciality clinics. The municipality conducts unauthorised inspections of hotels and restaurants and closes any business that might not adhere to the strict standards of hygiene.

Eye of the Emirates Wheel

The Eye of the Emirates Wheel is the ideal location to visit to experience life from above. Everyone is aware of the Emirates’ passion for creating cutting-edge structures, and the Eye of the Emirates Wheel is just one such example. To fiercely compete with the renowned London Eye, this beautiful structure was constructed. Take a ride on this huge Ferris wheel to see the Persian Gulf’s sparkling seas blending with a variety of glistening towers. Unquestionably, this is among Sharjah’s top activities.

Arabian Wildlife Centre

This facility must be on your list of family-friendly things to do in Sharjah because it is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world to observe the whole variety of flora present in the Arabian Peninsula. The Arabian Animal Centre offers a variety of exciting opportunities for animal viewing, from the critically endangered Arabian leopard to the Oryx antelopes and cheetahs to flamingos. It is a portion of the magnificent Sharjah Desert Park and is located just 30 kilometres outside of Sharjah city.

Blue Souk

Sharjah’s central market, with its magnificent blue-tile patterned facade, is the place to go for all of your shopping needs. This massive mall, which spans six storeys and has up to 600 businesses, is arguably the most photographed structure in the city. The market, appropriately dubbed the Blue Souk, is conveniently situated and the ideal spot to purchase everything from gadgets to handicrafts to elaborately woven carpets to antique jewellery.

Sharjah Aquarium

This beautiful aquarium, which is spread out across two floors, provides a window into the abundant aquatic life of the deep blue sea. One of the best family activities in Sharjah is taking the kids to the aquarium, where there are 20 distinct tanks that each replicates a different aquatic environment. Here, they may discover the fascinating world of sharks, eels, seahorses, and clownfish. Your children will enjoy learning while also having fun as they observe coral reefs filled with fish and explore the underwater delights of a lagoon or mangroves.

Sharjah Desert Park

The four locations that make up this wonderland, which is one square km in size, each provide a window into the distinctive Arabian Desert ecology. In addition to the wildly popular animal facility (Sharjah Zoo), it features a botanical museum, a natural history museum, a children’s farm, and other attractions. Being able to feed and pet the animals in their natural environment makes visiting the animal farm one of the most entertaining things to do in Sharjah for kids. The natural history museum will take you on an amazing adventure, and the botanical museum will show you the fascinating world of plants.

Venetian vistas at Al Qasba

The ideal place to hang out in the evening is this lovely plaza in the middle of the city. While children may have a great time at the fun zone and the indoor play area, you can relax and take in the musical fountain show or eat at one of the many cafes and restaurants. Sitting by the enchanted Venetian canal is one of the top free things to do in Sharjah and is a calming and tranquil experience. The Mayar Art Centre, which hosts themed exhibitions of canvas and digital art, is a must-see for art enthusiasts.


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