Jan Hotels expands reach to India, paving the way for the Czech Republic

Mr Eytan Goldman, CEO of Jan Hotels in the Czech Republic, accompanied by Ms.Gabriela Zmekova, Business Development Director, embarked on a mission to India to engage with key decision-makers in the tourism sector. Their strategic objective is to catalyze tourism from India to the Czech Republic, foreseeing it as a burgeoning destination for travel in Europe.

During their visit to Delhi and Mumbai, Mr Goldman and Ms Zmekova conducted a series of pivotal meetings with prominent entities within the tourism industry aimed to foster partnerships and pave the way for enhanced tourism exchanges between India and the Czech Republic.

The Jan Hotels group includes 3 hotels in Prague and another 2 in Cesky Krumlov. Hotel Duo in Prague comprises 654 Superior rooms, which due to its size and choice of conference rooms in the hotel specializes in accommodating incentive MICE groups.

“Being aware of the needs of Indian travelers, we provide local Indian fine cuisine cooked by an Indian chef. Hotel Carol, with its 67-room Mediterranean restaurant, offers a suitable place for small families, providing a homely atmosphere and personal attention. Situated just across the ‘Harfa shopping center’ and close to the city center, it offers convenience and comfort. In September, Jan Hotels will launch the prestigious and unique luxury boutique hotel BOOKQUET, located in the heart of the Old Town, the best location every tourist wishes to stay. This will bring a new message of service level with a luxurious scent designed in a restrained modern architectural style that blends with the preserved 16th-century listed building. The emphasis is on quality personal service and attention to detail at the highest level.” stated Mr Eytan Goldman, CEO of Jan Hotels in the Czech Republic.

Mrs Gabriela Zmeková, Director of Business Development at Jan Hotels, added that they offer tourist packages that combine accommodation in the charming and unique tourist town of Český Krumlov, an unforgettable experience in a UNESCO heritage town. “There is no better place to host a wedding, an incentive group, or tour this magical place at one of our OLDINN or Ruze hotels, which are the leading boutique hotels in the city. Air India is supposed to start operating direct flights to Prague from next year and I do not doubt that the Czech Republic will become a very popular tourist attraction. Prague is a safe city and has a lot to offer. Its geographic location in Central Europe, a 3-hour drive from Vienna, Berlin, Munich, or Salzburg, makes it possible to combine several destinations in one trip.”

Mr Sunil Mathapati, Director of Intrepid Marketing and Communications expressed saying,

“I am thrilled to witness the remarkable strides made by Jan Hotels in India. Their commitment to excellence and their vision for enhancing Czech tourism is truly commendable. We believe that their endeavours will pave the way for an exciting and prosperous future for tourism between India and the Czech Republic. The meetings were excellent, and we hope to see Jan Hotels reaching its goals in the Indian market”.

In conclusion, Jan Hotels extended its gratitude to Intrepid Marketing and Communications for its steadfast support in representing the brand in India


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