Red Sea Global releases first ‘Red Sea Waves’ music album

Red Sea Global (RSG), the developer behind regenerative tourism destinations The Red Sea and Amaala, has announced the release of its first ‘Red Sea Waves’ album, produced by its very own Red Sea Studios.The creative team at Red Sea Studios, led by Adham Alzanbagi in his role as Senior Manager, Content Production, supervised the production of this one-of-a-kind album. The specialized team worked diligently to present an unprecedented musical experience that captures the essence of cultures and civilizations along the Red Sea coast. Notably, this album is the result of relentless collaboration between Saudi, Egyptian, Yeminees, Sudanese, Somali, Djiboutis and other artists and musicians.“Our Red Sea Studios team has delivered an exceptional musical experience stemming from our responsibility to provide an authentic and enriching guest experience at The Red Sea, through the promotion of cultural and artistic initiatives. Furthermore, releasing this album is a first step towards achieving our objective to establish a creative center in The Red Sea to serve as a hub for pooling local and international talents in various aspects of art and culture,” explained Eng. Ahmed Darwish, Group Chief Administrative Officer at Red Sea Global.

“The Red Sea has always been an area of interest and a continuous source of inspiration for numerous artists at both regional and global levels. It embodies a rich scene of cultural heritage and a long history of arts. It’s no wonder that its bordering countries enjoy a unique musical legacy, blending cultures and civilizations along its coasts,” he added.The album features 12 tracks, each of which is characterized by a different genre and origin. The first track of the album stems from Yanbawi music, whereas later tracks are rooted in several musical cultures. These include a piece of music from the city of Suakin in Sudan, a Tohami song from Hodeidah in Yemen, Ngoni playing from West Africa, Balo Somali Music, and many others.You can listen to the album here: musical piece in this album was carefully produced to be enjoyed by listeners in a manner that enhances The Red Sea visitors’ experience throughout their stay. In collaboration with MDLBEAST, the album was also released on music streaming platforms to allow a wider audience to enjoy the tracks and to further amplify Red Sea coastal music around the globe. RSG retaining all printing and publishing rights.


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