Kabir Suri & Sagar Daryani continue at the NRAI

Kabir Suri, Co-Founder and Director, Azure Hospitality, continues as the President of NRAI and Sagar Daryani, CEO and Co-Founder of Wow! Momo continues as the Vice-President of NRAI as elected at the 41st Annual General Meeting (AGM) of NRAI held at JW Marriott in Kolkata on 22nd September 2023.
Expressing gratitude to the Managing Committee, Kabir Suri said, “I am honored to have led NRAI over the last two years and would like to thank the Managing Committee Members in bestowing the trust in me to continue as the President of NRAI for another term. Over my next tenure, the aim will be the same as last tenure to remain together and strengthen the Restaurant Fraternity by launching more Chapters in Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities. When myself and Sagar took over in 2021, we had about 10 NRAI Chapters and today we have more than 21 NRAI City Chapters. We will also continue with our advocacy efforts with the Centre/State Government dignitaries and local authorities in order to address and resolve various industry issues for the betterment of the Industry.”
He further added, “I am extremely thankful to our special Chief Guest of the day, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor for taking out time and coming down to Kolkata especially to attend NRAI 41st AGM and share his words of wisdom and deep insights with us.“
Sagar Daryani said, “I am honored to be re-elected as the Vice-President of NRAI and will continue to do my best in making the Association stronger and bigger. In the last tenure, Kabir and myself had envisaged a route for us where we enhanced the entire base of NRAI by launching new Chapters and increasing the membership numbers by almost 30%.”
He further added, “It gives me immense pleasure to share that over last year NRAI successfully conducted more than 50 regional/national events which enabled all Fraternity Members to gain knowledge/insights from the Industry Stalwarts. We also addressed and will continue to address major pain points for the industry like GST and Input Tax Credit.”
Riyaaz Amlani, Past President and Trustee, NRAI, while announcing the new appointments said, “I am very happy to see the exponential growth of NRAI under the leadership of Kabir Suri and Sagar Daryani and I am sure that this growth will get further cemented with the continued leadership of Kabir and Sagar.”
He further added, “Restaurant Industry stalwarts have come together to promote and strengthen the Indian Food Services Sector. I am extremely thankful to each one of them for agreeing to contribute their valuable time, expertise and efforts for bringing ease of doing business to our beloved industry.”

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