Key Digitalisation and Traveller Engagement are being initiated by MOT

The Indian travel and tourist industry is given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to exhibit its tourism offers and success stories on the international stage, according to M. R. Synrem, Joint Secretary, Ministry of tourist, Government of India. He continued, “The G20’s Tourism Track sessions focused on important themes including sustainable development, digitalization, and promotion of equitable growth.

Addressing ‘FICCI’s 5th Digital Travel, Hospitality & Innovation Summit 2023’, Synrem stated that the Ministry of Tourism is working on key identified priority areas with major focus on digitalisation. “The National Integrated Database of Hospitality Industry (NIDHI) is one of the initiatives towards Atmanirbhar Bharat using technology to empower our businesses. ‘NIDHI’ is not just a database but poised to become a major gateway to opportunities in the hospitality industry.

Speaking on the initiatives of the government, Synrem said that the Ministry is developing platforms for personalisation and traveler engagement. “Today, digital technology allows us to collect and analyse data to create personalized experience. The Ministry will soon introduce several new initiatives with the existing helpline number ‘1363’ to address safety and security concerns of the travelers. We are working towards digitalization in the travel and tourism industry,” he noted.

Synrem further stated that post COVID, India has adopted technology in almost every sector. “Digital technology and innovation have revolutionised the travel and tourism industry and providing numerous benefits and enhancing the overall experience of travelers,” he added.

Dipak Deva, Chairperson, FICCI Tourism & Culture Committee & MD, Travel Corporation of India Ltd said that in this dynamic world marked by unprecedented technological advancements, the digital transformation journey is not an option but a necessity. “In this context, the travel and hospitality industry where the experience is everything, this transformation is especially critical,” he emphasised.

Ashish Kumar, Co-Chairperson, FICCI Travel Technology & Digital Committee said, “The travel industry is an extended arm and the largest segment of e-commerce sector. It is important to understand that everyone is now a consumer, not just a customer.”


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