Ministry of Tourism invites feedback/suggestions on the draft National Strategy and Roadmap for Medical and Wellness Tourism

Medical Tourism (also called medical travel, health tourism or global healthcare) is a term used to describe the rapidly growing practice of travelling across international borders to obtain healthcare. Services typically sought by travellers include elective procedures as well as complex specialized surgeries such as joint replacement (knee/ hip), cardiac surgery, dental surgery, and cosmetic surgeries. However, virtually every type of healthcare, including psychiatry, alternative treatments, and convalescent care is available in India. The Key drivers for growth of Medical Tourism and wellness tourism are mainly affordability and accessibility of good healthcare services, facilitation around hospitality services, minimal waiting time, availability of latest medical technologies and accreditations.

Healthcare and Tourism are the fastest growing industries in the world. Medical Value Travel (MVT) is being promoted as a fusion product of these industries. Over the years, India has grown to become a top-notch destination for medical value travel because it scores high over a range of factors that determines the overall quality of care. India has also become a favoured destination for Yoga and Wellness with its focus on traditional therapies through AYUSH.

Ministry of Tourism has recognized the immense potential of MVT and has been actively working on the promotion and development of Medical Tourism. The Ministry of Tourism has accordingly formulated a Draft National Strategy and Roadmap for Medical and Wellness Tourism, which can be accessed from the following link and also available on Ministry of Tourism’s website under “what’s new” section “”

Before proceeding to finalize the draft strategy document and to make the document more comprehensive, Ministry of Tourism would like to invite feedback/comments/suggestions on the draft National Strategy and Roadmap. The comments may be forwarded to the Ministry of Tourism on or before 30th June, 2021 at e-mail IDs :,,


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